Razorcake Issue #28 from 2005, Featuring Against Me!, Zero Boys, This Moment In Black History, The Downbeat 5, Emmett Till

Feb 09, 2015


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Against Me!: Interview by Todd. Yeah, we've never heard of these guys either, but we're hoping you'll want to check them out anyway.

Zero Boys: Interview by Mike Frame. Midwestern godhead. The band behind one of THEE most amazing punk records ever. Not even Ben Weasel could hate this band.

The Holy Kiss: Interview by Kat Jetson and Gabe Hart. Well, they talk about Kirk Hammett wearing an exercise suit and they talk about nearly tripping over dead bodies, so you know you're in for a good ol' time.

This Moment in Black History: Interview by Ben Lybarger. Cleveland skronk! This interview includes the immortal observation: "Your armpits smell like Haiti. I mean, that ain't right." How can you lose?

The Downbeat 5: Interview by Brian Mosher. Boston rock and roll featuring the former guitarist of DMZ and his ex-wife. How often do you hear such a phrase?

Keith Beauchamp: Interview by Chris Pepus. Chris talks with the guy who made the documentary The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till, about a fourteen-year-old black boy who was lynched in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman.

Liz O. discusses the beginnings of www.antiviolence.us.

Art sure does like beer.

Jim Ruland presents the second part of his interview with his swift-boat veteran father.

Ben Snakepit has two columns: one about his favorite drummers, and one about how to give stickpin tattoos! He's also gettin' hitched!

Amy Adoyzie's ancestors would be stoked!

Rev. Nørb talks about the death of his friend John Glick.

Nardwuar gives us some of the highlights of his favorite interviews over the years.

Josh just cries and cries. "They're gonna kill that poor woman..."

Ayn Imperato talks about how creepy Starbucks employees are.

Sean Carswell impresses Texas bar patrons with stories of poop!

The Rhythm Chicken says goodbye to America by getting shit-wasted and wrestling with a talk-show host.

Designated Dale attends the Latin Alternative Music Conference.

And all manner of crazy motherfuckin' reviews!

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