Razorcake Issue #25 from 2005, Featuring Hot Snakes, Giant Haystacks, Federation-X, North Lincoln, DIY Boston Rock, Vinyl Audities, and Timothy Leary

Oct 07, 2014

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Hot Snakes: Interview by Josh. You know that creeping feeling you get when you put on a great record that's simultaneously supremely weird and instantly catchy? Yeah, that's Hot Snakes for you in a nutshell.

North Lincoln: Interview by Janelle Jones. Chipped teeth and sweaty basements: these are things that North Lincoln knows well. Beer-soaked, gritty melodic punk comes no finer.

Federation X: Interview by BD Williams. Probably the only band you'll ever hear accurately described as an old, abandoned, moss-covered car. BD interviewed them in the House of Pies. And they're a perfect three-for-three on the facial hair tally!

Vinyl Audities: Article by Todd. Discussing the fineries of this severely underrated pant fabric... oh, who are we kidding? It's about the history and technology behind records and the record players that play them. Let's face it: listening to records is the most fun way to spend your time and money.

Giant Haystacks: Interview by Josh. To our knowledge, this is the best band ever named after a wrestler! Not only that, but they're a great disjointed punk band on their own non-wrestling-related-moniker merits, too. We left out the geeky baseball trivia part of the interview. On tour as we speak.

Boston DIY Rock: Article by Brian Mosher. A nice glimpse into underground rock and roll in Boston and its surrounding areas. From '70s bands like DMZ and the Real Kids to current bands like the Marvels and the Dents, Brians covers the bases so thoroughly that it almost makes you forget all those shitty New England sports franchises!

Designated Dale quizzes you about the rock and the roll.

Art really likes drinking.

Liz O. talks about how important KROQ was to her as a teenager and how it acted as her only connection to the music that she liked.

Jim Ruland admits to being an Irish dancer as a kid.

Ayn Imperato learns that with great power comes great responsibility. Actually, she learns that if you get your own phone line, creepy old guys might call you and offer you cocaine.

Jimmy Alvarado parallels the current state of America with dictatorships of the past.

Gary Hornberger expresses his distaste for shoddy American workmanship and also reviews comic books.

Nardwuar interviews Timothy Leary (not recently, of course) and fuckin' FREAKS HIM OUT, MAAAAAAANNNNN!

The Rhythm Chicken might be the only one out there who considers a flushing toilet to be music.

Rev. Norb rocks the punk rock magnetic poetry and the hilarity ensues!

Sean Carswell deals with a friend's defection to the Church of Latter-Day Saints in his own way: by taking a long bike-ride off a short pier. Over and over. And over. While drunk. What, you mean YOU'VE never done that?

Ben Snakepit turns in two columns this time to make up for his absence last issue. One is about some rad bands, one is about toilets around the world. Hooray toilets!

And radness abounds in the review sections!

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