Razorcake Issue #24 from 2005, Featuring Smalltown, Alice Bag, Ultraman, Baseball Furies, Von Iva, Punk in Movies, Scissor Sisters

Jul 29, 2014


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Smalltown: Interview by Todd. A great thing about punk rock is that you can pick up a record by a band that you might not have ever heard of and have that record blow you away. Such is the case with Smalltown. From the first note, it’s obvious that the music is stripped of artifice and meaningless labels, and what you’re left with is the pure excitement of rediscovering how good punk rock can be.

Von Iva: Interview by Kat Jetson and Jen Hitchcock. Pretty much anything we say about this band being made up of cute girls is going to get taken the wrong way… So anyway, Von Iva is four humans who play music that makes non-dancers (such as Kat and Jen) want to dance, plus keyboards!

Ultraman: Interview by Chris Pepus. No, not the herky-jerky Japanese action show, this Ultraman is the mid-‘80s St. Louis punk band, still alive and kicking.

Alice Bag: Interview by Todd and Kat Jetson. Todd and Kat sat down with former lead singer of the Bags and current elementary school teacher to talk about what it was like to be a woman from East LA right in the middle of the Los Angeles punk rock explosion.

Baseball Furies: Interview by Josh. The best dude ever interviews the best band ever! You’re stoked!

Punk in Movies: Article by Speedway Randy. Dude, remember that one part in SLC Punk where the guy with the blue hair was all flipping people off, like, “Fuck you! Punk rock! Anarchy! Exploited! Whoo!” Yeah, this is like the exact opposite of that.

The Rhythm Chicken encourages people to vote… BY ROCKING THEIR FUCKING ASSES OFF!

Art Fuentes offers more of his patented brand o’ holiday sacrilege!

Ayn Imperato talks about the injustices of the three strikes law in California.

Jim Ruland goes hiking on the Lurigethan in Ireland.

Liz O rocks house parties in an old school way.

Designated Dale and his ladyfriend go on a cruise to Mexico

Gary Hornberger just does not get the whole emo thing. He also reviews comic books.

Sean Carswell discusses Vivendi Universal’s acquisition of water rights in various parts of the world.

Jeff Fox, godless sodomite liberal, dissects the media’s interpretation of red and blue states.

Rev. Nørb concludes the saga of “The Top 100 Ramones Songs of All Time and How They Relate to His Penis.”

Nardwuar interviews the Scissor Sisters.

Plus the usual shit-hot greatness!

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