Razorcake Issue #23 from 2004, Featuring The Ergs!, Ken Dirtnap, Balzac, Modern Machines, Wednesday Night Heroes, Loud Pipes, Nirvana

May 29, 2014

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The Ergs:Interview by Megan Pants. Nerdy pop punk (and I mean that in the most loving sense way possible, kinda like Sicko but not old) from the polluted chemical lakes of New Jersey. In the interview, they discuss eating raw potatoes like apples, Adult Swim, Ludacris, and the Mars Rover. Sound confusing? Read the interview and you won't be!

Ken of Dirtnap Records: Interview by Todd. Any record label that has put out records by the Briefs, the Epoxies, the Exploding Hearts, the Marked Men AND the Kent 3 is pretty damn cool by any standard, but Ken Cheppaikode is a pretty righteous dude, to boot. From his beginnings as a Rhetoric Records employee to stuffing Epoxies 45s in a crackhead motel after a sewer line burst in his apartment, this interview is a neat behind the scenes look at one of the most consistently great and ethical record labels around.

The Loud Pipes: Interview by Wez Lundry. Blaring, high-octane rock and roll from Frank Sinatra's stomping grounds. Topics of discussion include drugs, drinking, drugs, getting fucked up, drinking, and maybe even a little bit of debauchery.

Balzac: Interview by Donofthedead. After a lengthy English-to-Japanese transaltion process, Don makes his interview debut with a band known to many as "the Japanese Misfits." Instead of focusing on horror imagery, the interview is very philosphical with regards to Balzac and why they make music.

The Modern Machines: Interview by Maddy Tight Pants. Soon-to-be Recess rockers from Wisconsin discuss everything from the craziness of Chattanooga, Tennessee to the primeval forests of North America. They also admit to eating some very disgusting sandwiches!

The Wednesday Night Heroes: Interview by Bennett Jones-Phillips. Marvel at this

Canadian streetpunk band's ability to go from talking about Warrant karaoke songs to why the Calgary Flames suck in the space of just four pages!

Designated Dale eulogizes Johnny Ramone. RIP.

Art offers skateboarding safety tips... in comic strip form!

Seth Swaaley finds himself in a psychotic neighbor's apartment during a bizarre murder.

Liz O and her friends visit the HollywoodWax Museum and actually have fun!

Sean Carswell writes about an old friend who had done some crazy stuff and finally upped the ante by moving to Guatemala.

Maddy Tight Pants tells the story of Eugene Debs, a man who received a million votes when he ran for president while he was in jail.

Gary Hornberger expresses his disgust with what he reads in the newspaper and also reviews comic books.

The Rhythm Chicken explains the Wisconsinist concept of the roadsit and helps his hometown crowd get reacquainted with a little thing called RUCKUS!

Jim Ruland fears for his life while driving through Ireland with his mother.

Rev. Nørb tells a tale about a most uncomfortable ailment that he suffered recently and presents the first half of his "Top 100 Ramones Songs and How They Relate to My Penis" list.

Nardwuar interviews Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana and some cokehead who was hanging out with them...

Jeff Fox analyzes the popular fad of bottled water.

Ben Snakepit brags about his summer some more.

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