Razorcake Issue #19 from 2004, featuring: Rivethead, The Tyrades, Hasil Adkins, Texas Mafia, J Church, George Seldes, Pennywise

Jun 06, 2013

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Rivethead: Interview by Todd. You've got every reason to be wary of a band that takes a lot of inspiration from Ben Weasel, but if they take equally as much inspiration from Ben Hamper, well, that's a whole 'nother ball game. Packing the same type of firepower as Dillinger Four and championing Office Space as a lifestyle, these four guys from Minneapolis don't have time to fuck around. Belt fights, psychological terrorism against emo bands, beer-drinking goats owned by Spider Man, and more.

The Tyrades: Interview by Petite Paquet. Although admittedly less talented than the Chipmunks, Chicago's first and only rock and roll band still bang through their songs like "1-2-3-4-SUCK!" In this interview, they get mad at seat thieves, record reviewers - including each other and the interviewer - and Texas Terri. Check, please.

Hasil Adkins: Interview by Bradley Williams. Living rock and roll legend and creator of The Hunch, Hasil Adkins started releasing records in 1961 and the rest of the world still hasn't caught up with him. Bradley met with him at his home in rural West Virginia, and what transpired is one of the best interviews you will ever read. This is the first part. Part two will be in the next issue.

Texas Mafia: Interview by Kat Jetson and Gabriel Hart. Stark, moody post-punk in the vein of Crime and the City Solution that features members of the band Dick Army (the LA one, not the New York one). Much talk of love and suicide, and the most Quiet Riot has been mentioned in print in a long, long time.

J Church: Tour diary by Ben Snakepit. Ben confirms our suspicions that Japan is a pretty awesome place. Whether he's playing shows with bands like Practice and Minority Blues Band, fully geeking out at insanely well-stocked record stores, or eating a lot of really bad food, be forewarned: this will make you jealous.

George Seldes: Article by Jeff Fox. George Seldes was an often-overlooked muckraker journalist in the first half of the 20th century who finally achieved widespread acknowledgement at the age of ninety. This article is a brief look into his amazing life, from covering local scandals for a Philadelphia newspaper to covering World War I from the trenches, to publishing In Fact, with the hopes that some of you out there will check out some of his work.

Ann Coulter Isn't a Nice Lady: Article by Chris Pepus. A quick analysis of the stupefying logic behind infamous, well-to-do conservative mouthpiece Ann Coulter, author of the best-selling books Slander and Treason. Chris examines her viewpoints on American foreign policy in places like Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Chile, and the Middle East.

Nardwuar the Human Serviette takes on Fletcher of Pennywise.

Art Fuentes continues to find new ways to squeeze a "Fuck You, Dale" into a comic strip.

Rev. Norb eloquently critiques the commercials that appeared during the Super Bowl.

The Rhythm Chicken declares war on the entire state of Indiana (except for the members of Sloppy Seconds).

Ayn Imperato reveals the truth about Sea Monkeys.

Designated Dale discusses the Phil Spector murder scandal and also has a cellular phone.

Rich Mackin writes about pants.

Jim Ruland goes international and compares Anne Frank's bedroom to a painting by Vincent van Gogh.

Gary Hornberger reviews comic books in a most realistic way.

Seth Swaaley writes about getting a hair cut in an old-timey barber shop in New Orleans.

Tito realizes that the coolest thing to do in Cleveland is share an elevator with Henry Rollins.

Sean Carswell examines the corporate practices used by chain bookstores.

Maddy gives you five new punk rock trading cards poking fun at punk rockers.

Ben Snakepit reveals his Top Ten Best Things of 2003.

Tons of record, book, and zine reviews jam packed into 112 pages.

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