Razorcake Issue #18 from 2004, featuring Sweet JAP, The Bar Feeders, No Idea Records, Fly, Nicole Panter, The Weirdos, Bev Davies

Apr 11, 2013

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Sweet JAP:
Interview by Todd Taylor and St. Paddy. Pop quiz time! What do the following things have in common: Ultraman, Godzilla, poorly dubbed kung fu movies, and blazing garage punk? If you think they're all awesome stuff imported from Japan, you're right! Sweet JAP is a blazing Japanese garage punk band via Minneapolis, and man, are they good. Imagine Teengenerate getting drunk and kicking you in the throat and you're in the right ballpark.

The Bar Feeders: Interview by Gavin O'Neill. There's probably a good reason why "drunk" and "punk" rhyme. Then again, maybe it's just a happy coincidence. Either way, the Bar Feeders get drunk and play punk rock, and the drummer is one of the few people who can wear a cowboy hat without looking like a dipshit. Topics of discussion include beer, muppets, beer, their hometown of San Francisco, and beer.

No Idea Records: Interview by Sean Carswell. One of the coolest, most dependable independent record labels around, plain and simple. How cool? They've got a life-size statue of Darth Maul in their office. Who's got a sexual attraction to fish? Find out in this interview.

Fly: Interview by Heela Naqshband and Todd Taylor. The nice lady who runs Geykido Comet Records and some guy from some magazine chatted with this prolific underground artist about her influences, the origins of her interest in art, and her personal experiences as a musician in the band God is My Co-Pilot.

Nicole Panter: Interview by Speedway Randy and Todd Taylor. Nicole Panter, who was the former manager of the Germs and a memorable interviewee in The Decline of Western Civilization, sat down to talk with these two guys about her involvement in the early LA punk scene and her opinions on the books and in-progress movies based on the life of Darby Crash.

The Weirdos: Interview by Money. Cliff Roman spoke with Money about the history of the band often credited with kick-starting the Los Angeles punk rock scene and the reunion shows celebrating 25 years of this influential band.

Nardwuar interviews famous Canadian punk photographer Bev Davies, but in a manner that couldn't accurately be described as "Nardwuaresque."

Art Fuentes drew a comic strip about a slovenly, drunk Santa Claus, and some stupid Billy Bob Thornton movie totally ripped him off.

Money goes to court to battle a drunk driving ticket.

Designated Dale makes fun of a lot of bands that have been on "Saturday Night Live," and also admits to liking '80s hard rock band the Cult.

The Rhythm Chicken returns to America a conquering hero and pulls a Dinghole Report out of his (no, I'm not going to make the obvious joke that you're thinking of) archives.

Rich Mackin did lots of in-depth research on pirates.

Gary Hornberger discusses how Wal-Mart is affecting the grocery store strike. He also reviews comic books.

Sean Carswell wrote another one of his "carpenter stories." This one's better than Jesus, too.

Seth Swaaley tells a story about being a bartender and some of the more interesting regulars, one of whom is pissing blood.

Rev. Norb compares his Top Ten albums of the year to Rolling Stone's Top Ten albums of all time.

Maddy Tight Pants reveals her Top Ten New Year's Resolutions and her distaste for pineapples on pizza.

Ben Snakepit shares a funny story with you, the loyal reader.

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