Razorcake Issue #13 from 2003 featuring GC5, 400 Blows, The Sharp Ease, Gwar, Pilot Scott Tracy, The Velvet Hammer, Joe Strummer Tribute

May 15, 2011

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Holy shit, there's a lot of features in this issue. I can't remember the last time there were six separate features in a single issue.

Here's what you're in store for:

The amazing stencil art comes to us courtesy of Chris Francis: fisherman, traveler, building-climber, and all-around bad-ass.

On the cover: The hard workin' hard rockin' sounds of Ohio's GC 5. Sean Carswell sits down with the boys on their way through LA. Stories range from kitchen moshpits to whether Billy Zoom is an asshole, or just a born again Christian who's a bit crotchety. They attempt to find out if mustaches really do equate to hot action, talk about Poe, and refuse to play Wal-Mart. Looking for a band you don't know to sneak up and smack you on the ass and leave a sting that just won't go away? This is that band.

400 Blows: Interview by BD Williams: 400 Blows have an uncanny ability to shake up even the most glued-in-place-stand-and-stare crowd around LA. Everything seems to rotate around the word "impact." Their music, the way the vocals are used as an instrument, their black Navy uniforms, all command attention. Read this and you, too can learn how to make your way into punk rockdom by starting out in a Pilipino Top 40 cover band.

The Sharp Ease: Interview by Chris Ziegler: Chris Z and his hair take on the ladies of the Sharp Ease. Between getting drunk in bushes, puking up cake, and hearing rumors about Frank Black wearing clogs, they put out some pretty fine music that Chris says is, "pop like Iggy, punk like the Pixies." Pay attention to how many times "lick my ass" is said. I lost count.

Gwar: Interview by Nardwuar the Human Serviette: Nardwuar and Oderus Urungus of Gwar, it's perfect, it's odd, it leaves me with little to say, so here's an excerpt:
Nardwuar: Why are you killing the dinosaurs?
Oderus Urungus: Because they drove cars. I didn't like cars.
Nardwuar: But aren't they from Alberta, The Badlands?
Oderus Urungus: They wore shoes. I don't like shoes.

Pilot Scott Tracy: Interview by Todd Taylor: This is a coming-of-age piece for Todd, as he progresses through hatred into a more accepting, and even appreciative, perspective towards keyboards. The married half of The Causey Way has started off in a slightly new direction as Pilot Scott Tracy. Todd and Scott discuss how keyboards can sound organic, the downfall of emo, and that a skateboard company will sign the rider's name to a board with a peace sign if they think it will help sales.

The Velvet Hammer: by Bradley Williams: Bradley goes out and gets himself all gussied up in a new haircut and an old suit for his trek into his own personal heaven. (Read: half-naked, beautiful women who know how to shake what their momma gave 'em.) Bradley gets a backstage look into the ups (the costumes, the showmanship) and the downs (losing a pasty in the middle of the act) of a burlesque show. Well worth a look.

Joe Strummer Tribute: by Eric Rife and Jessica Disobedience: Two different views - one a long-time fan from the early days, the other a younger perspective of someone exposed to the Clash rather recently, but no less deeply. Both lives were affected by Joe Strummer's life and death. Amazing pictures by Eric Rife and illustration by Shawn Granton.

Art Fuentes gives his twisted mind a turn at a famous bear's antics. For the ladies, Art draws himself into the strip. Rowwwr!

Ayn Imperato takes us to a place no one wants to go: the post-show party that everyone shows up to where there's no alcohol and not enough time to make it to a store before they lock up the booze.

Gary Hornberger likes comics. Chances are you do, too. He reviews six of them. He also talks about politics, or lack thereof, in punk music lately.

Rich Mackin saw the show. He knows it takes diff'rnt strokes to rule the world. He applies family relationships to the larger culture.

Rev Norb is wearing more than rubber Elvis sunglasses, Newport sweatsocks, and a plastic pink peace necklace. Find out what else! Even more than that, he reveals who the World's Greatest Roller is!

Designated Dale wants his twenty bucks back from the record industry... and justice... and a burger (tubby's gotta eat!)

Rhythm Chicken moves to Poland only to find there is no word for ruckus, but plenty of hoosh-wash.

Seth Swaaley extols a bitter and sweet tale of desperate people living lives awash in alcohol and skidding dreams.

Maddy Tight Pants narrowly escapes impregnation on a New York subway while sitting between a masturbator and a guy sharpening a foot-long knife

Sean Carswell throws metaphors aside for an issue and talks directly about his thoughts and findings on the war. John Poindexter, head of the Information Awareness Office (set up to monitor email, purchases, internet traffic, and so on), was also the National Security Advisor to Reagan during the Iran-Contra Affair. That means he was responsible for getting the chemical weapon technology to Iraq. Didn't know that? Maybe you should.

Plus, the usual tons of record, book, and video reviews.

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