Razorcake Issue #10 from 2002, Featuring Emma Goldman, Against Me!, Epoxies, Michael Moore, The Fuse, Von Steins, Indie Press Buyout

A story in an archived issue about an archive? Something like that. Does it matter? Not really. Is it free? You betcha.

Sean Carswell goes in search of Emma Goldman and ends up at the Emma Goldman Papers Project in Berkeley. The article that comes out of this search and interview is an in-depth look at anarchy, the class system in the US, and the real life of one of America’s most important revolutionaries.

Interviews with Against Me!, the Von Steins, The Fuse!, and The Epoxies. Nardwuar takes on Michael Moore. Plus Jason Pankoke of Micro-Film gives a first hand account of an Indie Press Buyout.

Money goes to Holidays in the Sun in Ireland.

Art Fuentes draws Lil’ Beez’s friend, The Whiz Kid, whose bladder control problem stops a goth girl’s whining.

Maddy Tight Pants
gets accused of being sizest and racist by two people who share a “very emo hug”.

Ayn Imperato
contemplates the world of mail order catalogs.

Ben Weasel
“weighs the childish determination to obsess on hostile thoughts” against the simple pleasure of compromise and tenderness.

Sean Carswell tells of when a poison cloud from an exploded rocket wafted outside his Florida classroom.

Designated Dale
gives bowed head remembrances to his father and Dee Dee Ramone.

Rich Mackin
contemplates at what point did humans get separated from the natural world.

The Rhythm Chicken
gets abducted by fame, fortune, and conjugal visits by the Brewers full-time mascot, and is dangerously on the brink of becoming The Rally Rabbit.

Gary Hornberger
misses Dale’s Dad, too, then reviews some comics.

Jimmy Alvarado
recounts his early punk years; the close heat of the hair dryer as the liberty spikes rise from his scalp.

Felizon Vidad
explains the difference between punk rock style and hamsters in a cage.

Seth Swaaley
sits, watches, and cracks open a beer when the goings-on get weird: cucumber insertions, taped genitals, and paddlings.

Shawn Granton wonders why hipsters deify Pabst. Plus the usual assortment of record, zine, and book reviews.

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