Razorcake Issue #09 from 2002 featuring Strike Anywhere, Fleshies, Out Cold, The Briefs, The Damned, Ben Hamper, Dee Dee Ramone tribute

Jul 18, 2009

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Interviews with Strike Anywhere
Rivethead author Ben Hamper
Out Cold
The Briefs.
A tribute to Dee Dee Ramone.


Liz O. explores the bizarre world of Tribute Bands.
Nardwuar takes on The Damned.
Jimmy Alvarado and Todd Taylor barely survive an Emo Death Match.
Art Fuentes gives us another installment of his Lil' Beez comic.
Sean Carswell chases a screaming kid down the street.
Ayn Imperato details her new "Two Drink Maximum" rule.
Ben Weasel debuts as a columnist.
Money wraps up "Discovery of America".
Rich Mackin spots undercover cops at a protest in DC.
Gary Hornberger survives the obituaries long enough to talk comics.
Designated Dale batters through a history of drummers.
The Rhythm Chicken raises a backwoods ruckus.
Dan Monick watches people watching bands in his photo page.

Plus the usual assortment of record, zine, and book reviews.

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