Razorcake Issue #07 from 2002 featuring Toys That Kill, The Adolescents, Suburban Voice's Al Quint, Tight Bros From Way Back When, KXLU, Independent Book Publishing, Echo and the Bunnymen

Jul 12, 2009

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#07, the first issue in the second year of Razorcake history.
Cover art by Art Fuentes, photo by Matt Average

Interviews with
Toys That Kill
The Adolescents
Suburban Voice's Al Quint
Tight Bros From Way Back When
Articles on KXLU and Independent Book Publishing.

Designated Dale writes about Juan Marichal, the only major league pitcher to hit another player with a bat.
Todd Taylor traces the lineage of the entwined histories of Hitler and Henry Ford.
Money continues his punk rock picaresque, The Discovery of America. In this installment, he makes the revelation that "few things could be more terrifying than a pissed off punk rock chick with the FM airwaves for a mouth piece."
Maddy Tight Pants delineates the irreconcilable differences between vikings and pirates.
Rich Mackin extrapolates why protests are your best entertainment value. Provided are the names of the CEOs and addresses of companies that enjoy using sweatshop labor.
Nardwuar wraps up his conversation with Ian McColloch of Echo and the Bunnymen. Find out here whose dog sucked whose dick.
The Rhythm Chicken gives a compelling, 24 carret weep-a-thon on the closing of one of his favorite venues, Rock'n'roll High School.
Gary Hornberger visits Alice Cooper's restaurant in Phoenix and admits that he has some troubles with staring at muscle bound men in tights for too long. Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.

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