Razorcake Issue #06 from 2002 featuring Howard Zinn, Good Riddance, Smut Peddlers, Motorhead, Patsy, Shag, Rodney Bingenheimer, and Echo and the Bunnymen

Sep 15, 2008

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Here's Razorcake #06 in a free, on-line format. Definitely not as cool as in print, but that's why we're giving it out for free six years after it first started making people wonder what our deal was.

Howard Zinn
Good Riddance
Smut Peddlers
Rodney Bingenheimer.
Designated Dale and Sean Antillon interview Lemmy of Motorhead.
Nardwuar, in a first of two parts, interviews Echo and the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch (a good portion of the questions were directly provided by Courtney Love).

Maddy Tight Pants provides a cutout plea for you to fill out and send to Ross Perot so she doesn't have to keep working over 60 hours a week.
Money completes his second installment of his punk rock picaresque, The Discovery of America. The boys tangle with skinheads and the lovely but dastardly all-girl band, The Swallows.
Gary Hornberger gets all heavy, weighing the idea of patriotism as portrayed by the media versus the essence of Constitution. Then he gets down to business reviews comics.
The Rhythm Chicken plays a Dixie Chicks parking ramp and a women's bathroom.
Roger Moser Jr. takes a long, somber view at the loss of his friend Scott.
Rich Mackin finds out the power of becoming a pirate outside of Halloween.
Sean Carswell parallels, links, charts, and graphs (seriously, a graph) the movie, The Big Lebowski, with the American government's policies of waging war. It's accompanied by an exclusive illustration by Shawn Granton.
Todd Taylor somehow links turning 30, rediscovery of skateboarding, and landspeed car maker Art Arfons while making the point that getting older doesn't necessarily mean you have to become a jaded fuck.
Jimmy Alvarado proves that he doesn't hate all music.
Art Fuentes continues the with the third part of his Beezle comic, replete with ass gnomes, a soused, familiar cartoon character, and the introduction of Anustasia. Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.

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