Razorcake Issue #05 from 2001 featuring Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission, Swingin' Utters The Pinkz, The Beautys, Deadbolt, Naked Ruby, Marilyn Manson

Aug 16, 2008

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A while back Seth from SCRM mentioned being on the cover of this issue. He talked about getting in arguments with lowlife roommates and using the fact that he was on the cover of Razorcake #05 to re-enforce his side of the conflict. You can't blame the guy for trying.

In this issue you get interviews with
Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission
Swingin' Utters
The Pinkz
The Beautys
Naked Ruby

Davey Tiltwheel talks about being on tour during the crisis of 9/11 and being stuck in a van.
Nardwuar interviews Marilyn Manson and shows off his formidable, symmetrical chest hair.
Maddy Tight Pants gives detailed instructions on how not to grow up.
Did the the Rhythm Chicken actually get bought out by the Milwaukee Brewers? Read.
Harmonee delves into the netherworld of the Monster Cereal triad.
Todd Taylor parallels the war against the Sioux and the current political situation.
Designated Dale and Jimmy Alvarado have the first ever Razorcake toe-to-toe dueling columns. And they idiot fight one another.
Sean Carswell writes about working in a bar when a full-on barroom brawl breaks out.
Roger Moser Jr. gives shout outs and hell yeahs to the bands and venues that keep him alive in Texxxas.
Rich Mackin talks about his building being evacuated in a direct link to events on 9/11.
Money begins the first part of his epic tale of a punk band discovering America.

Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.

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