Razorcake Issue #04 from 2001 featuring Ian MacKaye, Friends Forever, TSOL, Throw Rag, Radio Vago, Amy Fusselman, The X-Rated Bible

Jul 15, 2008

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Here's Razorcake #04 in a free, on-line format. Definitely not as cool as in print, but that's why we're giving it out for free almost six years after it first sat on the floor of Razorcake HQ.

Ian MacKaye
Friends Forever (the band)
Throw Rag
Radio Vago
Amy Fusselman.
An article on The X-Rated Bible.
Harmonee interviews Rizzo

Money exposes secret governmental hand signals
Part one of Art Fuentes four part Beezle: There's No Arse Like Home series
Designated Dale discusses punk rock movies
Todd Taylor's Tiltwheel tour diary
Maddy Tight Pants gives ten reasons why Dee Dee is the coolest Ramone
Roger MoserJr. curses bad drivers
Rich Mackin gives advice on DIY touring
Jimmy Alvarado praises the Hyped to Death series
Rhythm Chicken crashes a gay pride parade
Sean Carswell's "Fifteen Bucks and a Cookie" story
More comics with Gary Hornberger

Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.

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