Razorcake Issue #02 from 2001 featuring The Crowd, Scared of Chaka, The Forgotten, Flogging Molly, Hostage Records, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Primal Scream


If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you’ll need it, and you can download it for free here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

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Here’s the PDF of Razorcake Issue #02. In its entirety and completely free of charge. It was made a long time ago.

The Crowd
Scared of Chaka
The Forgotten
Flogging Molly
Hostage Records
An article on Hot Water Music and Leatherface.

Rich Mackin explains how to (dis)organize a zine fair
Jimmy Alvarado dreams of working for an advertising agency
Davey Tiltwheel tells about being in New York when Joey Ramone died
Gary Hornberger reviews more comics
Nardwuar interviews Mani of Primal Scream
Designated Dale gives the lowdown on box sets
Part 1 of Roger Moser Jr.’s two part series on the King of Rock and Roll (no, not Elvis)
Rhythm Chicken raises more ruckus
Part 2 of Money‘s article on Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sean Carswell‘s story about drinking with hippies after Jerry Garcia died
Felizon Vidad‘s adventures teaching middle school in a ghetto.

Plus tons of record, zine, and book reviews.