Razorcake Family and Friends Top 10s of 2012 : Featuring Toys That Kill, Mean Jeans, Treasure Fleet, Mind Spiders and more

Feb 12, 2013

Looking at the top 10s from Razorcake family and friends it has apparently been a good year for music. With fifty-nine people submitting their favorites of the year, there are some stand out picks. We made a quick tally using math and counting and stuff to sum it up for you with the top 6 of our top 10’s of 2012 (almost everything after the top six here had very close numbers):

1. Toys That Kill: Fambly 42 LP (Recess)

2. Mean Jeans: On Mars LP (Dirtnap)

3. Treasure Fleet: Cocamotion LP (Recess)

4. Mind Spiders: Meltdown LP (Dirtnap)

5. Neon Piss: Self-titled LP (Deranged)

6. Big Eyes: Back from the Moon 7”(Grave Mistake)

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

A. Mess
Occult Detective Club
• Bob Mould, Silver Age (Merge). Everything about this album is cool. I don’t know what other way to describe it as other than that. Cool just seems so fitting. The songs are so well written, the lyrics are thoughtful and the meanings don’t get muddled up, and the artwork is cool (especially that picture of Bob on the insert, duh). I know Bob is no stranger to success and has a very celebrated catalog, but I’m glad this record got the attention it deserved. I hope this great record didn’t make me a bad neighbor since I played it loud as hell quite a bit. I bet they liked it.
• Awesome Fest 666. Every waking moment of this past Awesome Fest was such a blast. It’s always great to meet up with old friends, make new ones, get drunk as shit, lose your passport, throw your phone on the roof of the bar you got drunk as shit at, and see your favorite bands all in one weekend! Highlights: the Siren Songs van sex debacle, singing every word with the TX crew to the Marked Men, Todd C. telling that security guy dude to get the fuck off the stage ‘cause it’s a punk show...and finding my passport.
• Tenement finally getting the recognition they deserve. Tenement is a band that I’ve been watching live, listening to at home, and sharing a friendship with for some years now. I met them at a show they had so willingly booked for my band at their home (viva la B.F.G.!) in their hometown of Appleton, WI. I knew from the first note they played to the wild, noisy, blown out end of their amazing set that night that this band was bound for something. What that something was I couldn’t tell you at the time. I just knew that something was gonna happen with this band. You can’t be that good and not have something good reciprocated back to you. I came to find over the years that the only people outside of WI that had heard of Tenement were bands that had gone through just as I had. It was a little frustrating knowing that this firecracker had been lit but it just wasn’t popping off. HOW PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THIS BAND is something I couldn’t get over and wondered quite a bit for...up until this past year. Other than showing every person I could, and throwing them on every mix tape I made, I didn’t know what else to do. So seeing them on the cover of a magazine, reading a killer review, hearing someone who I don’t know at a party talk about them, seeing people I don’t know wearing their shirts, or seeing them on the bill for a really cool fest... it just puts a smile on my face, a big smile.
• Dicks, Hate the Police Re-Issue (1-2-3-4 Go!). “The Dicks Hate The Police” is an anthem. Championing that slogan around in TX in the ‘80s and being gay... whew, ballsy is the word. I’m so glad 1-2-3-4 Go! got to put this record out after years of it being out of press. This record is such a classic and needs to be in more record stores for a good price and not locked away in all the record nerds vaults gaining interest. Why is great music sometimes so hard to find?
Low Culture. Everything. I’ve never listened to the same songs on repeat as much I have with Low Culture. My walk to work consisted of the 7” on repeat and when Chris was good enough to send me some tracks from Screens and the Euro 7”, those songs replaced the initial 7”. I know it may not count as an official 2012 release but these songs really mean a lot to me and help round out my days. On top of all that, when Low Culture came to TX for one weekend to record an entire LP, they were amazing enough to do a last minute house show on borrowed gear and completely kill it. That, to me, is what makes a band great. When I listen to Low Culture, I know I’m not alone. Thanks guys.
Finally getting to see the Descendents. Not much to explain there. I never thought it would happen and it did! Yes!
Hate Your Friends, Keep Me at Home. Oftentimes, the best music comes from bands that force you to like them. Not force in a physical way, but in a “you can’t ignore this no matter how haphazardly oblivious you might be” sort of way. Oftentimes, I don’t expect that band to be a local band, and oftentimes I don’t expect that band to consist of my close friends. That seems to be the case circling my relationship with Hate Your Friends. Perhaps I didn’t expect that said friends could start a band that really means something to me, a band that gets into my heart and my mind and eases both at the same time. To that I say I apologize for sleeping on this. It was my mistake. Now I can only hope people outside of TX catch on to this whisper of band and turn it into the singalong crowd that they play for in their hometown. “The boys and girls of winter are so huddled close together just singing on and on. I can hear them in the basements, small rooms, and the venues trying to get through to me. Trying to tell me something that’s not in these songs. I don’t know where I went wrong. I need something to believe in.” Best lyric of 2012.
Red Dons, “Ausländer” b/w “Mauvaise” 7”(Dirtnap). These are two songs that fit into my life so very well. I have a deep nostalgia for my hometown since I was forced to move as young teenager halfway across the country and I have deep disliking for any form of organized religion. Hearing these two songs back to back almost brought me to tears; particularly “Ausländer,” since I was forced to leave my home. I’m glad these songs exist. They made my 2012 that much easier to cope with.
• Kyle Corn moving to back to his native land-TEXAS!
Toys That Kill, Fambly 42(Recess). I admit I was afraid when this came out that I might not like it. It’d been six years since Shanked had come out and I was worried. I was scared that maybe they had lost it. I can’t even explain what birthed this fear since Todd cranks out fantastic music constantly with one band or another and by himself, so it seems like a silly fear. I guess all that was lost was some faith on my part because from the moment the needle hit, I was in absolute love with this record. Not only is it incredible, it’s also now my favorite TTK album. “I don’t know what is right with me” is one of the most simple-yet-genius lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Abby Banks
1. Grass Widow, Internal Logic 12” (HLR/Grass Widow)
2. Mother’s News #1 through #11, 2012 (Newspaper, published by Rhododendron Festival)
3. King Tuff, Self-titled 12” (Sub Pop)
4. Audacity, Mellow Cruisers 12” (Burger/Recess)
5. White Fang / High Expectations, split cassette (Burger/Gnar)
6. The Memories / Love Is The Law , split cassette (Burger)
7. Scam #9 / Damaged, The story of Black Flag’s classic first album, by Erick Lyle, Fall 2012 (zine)
8. Ezra Buchla, Whitman / Black Rabbit / Scorpion, Split 7” (Folktales)
9. Blanche, Blanche, Blanche / Blink With Both Eyes, 12” (OSR tapes/Night-People)
10. Son Of Salami / Deli Days / Night People, Split cassette (Joey Pizza Slice, who is SOS, released a 12” record with Feeding Tube Records in 2011 called A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording. It’s weird and fantastic!)
…and a few more I must let you know about because I love these recording so much. (And they played live or toured with these albums in 2012.)
• Underground Railroad To Candyland, Know Your Sins 12” (Recess)
• Big Kitty, Florence 12” (Recess)
• Big Eyes, Hard Life CD

Adam BowersTop 10 Records I Started Listening to in 2012
• The Jealous Sound, A Gentle Reminder
• Hundred Waters, Hundred Waters
• Smoking Popes, Destination Failure
• Mount Eerie, Clear Moon
• Nada Surf, The Proximity Effect
• The Ivoryton Piano Factory, Permagrin
• Archers Of Loaf, Vee Vee
• Pedro The Lion, Control
• Hot Rod Circuit, The Underground Is a Dying Breed
• Cheap Girls, Giant Orange

Eager Beaver/ Worthwhile Way

• Arms Aloft, Sawdust City LP
• Awful Man, Waiting for the Tanks to Come Rolling In 7’’
• Dan Padilla, Sports Fans LP and live at Soda Bar
• Rational Anthem, Sensitivity Training LP
• Rachel Murray Framingheddu (photographer)
• The Capitalist Kids, Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene LP
• The Slow Death, Tour in Japan and Pre-Awesome Fest 666
• Too Many Daves, Live at The Big Cheese Brewing Co.
• Used Kids, Reunion Show at Awesome Fest 666
• VacationBibleSchool with Marty Ploy, Live at The Office

Alex DiMattesa
Grave Mistake Records
10 Things I Really Liked in 2012
1. Sickoids, Self-titled LP
2. Sickoids, live
3. Kremlin, Will You Feed Me 7”
4. Red Dons, Auslander 7”
5. Heavy Cream, live
6. Summer Twins, Self-titled LP
7. Boston Strangler, Primitive LP
8. Violent Outburst, Demo
9. Barge, Live
10. Grave Mistake Records 10 year anniversary!

Alex Leech
Jerk Store fanzine

• Sickoids, Self-titled LP
• Warsong, The Caravan 12"
• Permaculture, Swallow What You're Given 7"
• Terrible Feelings, Shadows LP
• Bloody Gears, Landscapes of Disease LP
• The Coltranes, I've Got Heaven In My Smile LP
• School Jerks, Self-titled LP
• 1981, Cycle 7"
• Tragedy, Darker Days Ahead LP
• Agitated, Self-titled 7"

Amos Pitsch
• Fiona Apple, The Idler Wheel...
The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes (graphic novel)
Satan Is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers Memoir (book)
• Carole King, The Legendary Demos
• The Figgs, The Day Gravity Stopped
• Screaming Females covering my favorite Sheryl Crow song
• Birth Deformities, Suburbanized
• Peter Brötzmann reissue LPs
• Pissed Jeans live in Philadelphia
• Vivian Maier (street photographer)

Andrew Schubert
(Label owner Ghostbot Records: engineer, mixer, and stuff)
• Audacity, Mellow Cruiser LP (Burger/Recess)
• NudeBeach, Nude Beach II LP (Nude Beach)
• White Night, demos for upcoming LP
• Pangea, Dye LP
• King Tuff, King Tuff LP (Sub Pop/Burger)
• Blood Buddies 7” (Razorcake)
• Any time I heard Adrian Tenney sing in any band this year.
• Warm Soda 7” (Southpaw)
• Neneh Cherry & The Thing, Cherry Thing LP (Smalltown Superjazz)
• Mean Jeans, On Mars LP (Dirtnap/Burger)

Andrew Wagher
1. Future Virgins, Madison Bloodbath, Murderburgers, Toys That (Fucking) Kill, and Dear Landlord, live at Blue Star Lounge
2. Wreck Of The Zephyr at Permanent Records
3. Death Hymn No. 9 and Bombón at Permanent Records
4. Spokenest and Custody Battle at an unnamed location in Highland Park
5. NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, WrongBeach, Elway at The Mayan
6. Dan Padilla, Sports Fans (Dirtcult)
7. Various Artists, The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore, (Adeline)
8. Outtacontroller, Don’t Play Dumb (P-Trash)
9. Mean Jeans, On Mars (Dirtnap)
10. Forgetters, Self-titled (Too Small To Fail)

Art Ettinger
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• ANTiSEEN, New Blood LP
• Yellow Stitches, Good Times Violent Crimes CD
• God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP
• World’s Scariest Police Chases, Unfuckwithable CD
• Patriot, TheSpirit of Rebellion LP
• Killer Of Sheep, Out of Time 7”
• The McShitz, Self-titled LP
• Ratface, Ratfaced EP 7”
• Fang, Here Come the Cops CD

Bill Pinkel
• Sonic Avenues, Television Youth LP
• Fear Of Lipstick, Seasons LP
• White Lung, Sorry LP
• Neon Piss, Self-titled LP
• Delay, Rushing Ceremony LP
• Frozen Teens, Self-titled LP
• White Wires, WWIII LP
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club split 10”
• Red Dons, Ausländer 7”

Night Birds

Top 10 Sets I Saw in 2012, in Order...
1. 5/18: Cock Sparrer in Philly, Starlight Ballroom
2. 10/18: Toys That Kill in Brooklyn at the Acheron
3. 2/11: Screaming Females in Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg
4. 8/23: Sickoids in Philly at the Golden Tea House
5. 4/21: Pissed Jeans in Philly, PA at the 23rd St. Armory 
6. 3/18: Municipal Waste in Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom
7. 6/16: Omegas in Ottawa at O.X. Fest 
8. 9/8: Tenement in Richmond at the PhoenixGarden
9. 7/22: Rough Kids in San Pedro, CA at Harolds 
10. 5/19: Give in Richmond at A Cabin In The Woods

Bryan Static
1. Neon Piss, Self-titled (Deranged)
2. Mind Spiders, Meltdown (Dirtnap)
3. Capitalist Kids, Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene (Toxic Pop)
4. Mean Jeans, On Mars (Dirtnap)
5. Muhammadali, Self-titled (Dirtcult)
6. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 (Recess)
7. Masked Intruder, Self-titled (Red Scare)
8. Various Artists, The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore (Adeline)
9. God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds (Dirtcult)
10. Future Of The Left, The Plot Against Common Sense (Xtra Mile)

Chad Williams
Fat Wreck Chords / Western Addiction
Top 10 Non-Fat Records of 2012
1. Propagandhi, Failed States LP
2. High On Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis LP
3. Paper Bags, Paper Bags II 7”
4. Off!, OFF! LP
5. Tragedy, Darker Days ahead LP
6. From Ashes Rise, Rejoice the End 7”
7. No Problem, Living in the Void 7”
8. Classics Of Love, Self-titled LP
9. Rat Damage, Cursed LP
10. Behold! The Monolith, Defender, Redeemist LP

Chris Mason
Dirtcult Records, Low Culture
1. Frozen Teens, Self-titled LP
2. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
3. Ty Segall Band, Slaughterhouse 2x10”
4. Swearin’, Self-titled LP
5. White Wires, WWIII LP
6. Audacity, Mellow Cruisers LP
7. Sickoids, Sickoids LP
8. Neon Piss, Self-titled LP
9. Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP
10. Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta LP

Craven Rock
Eaves of Asszine/
Craven Rock’s Not-Necessarily-Released-in-2012 Top Ten of 2012
1. Crackbox, Couldn’t Get Worse LP. Punk as life!
2. Tie: Daniel Higgs shows at Cairo and then at Hollow Earth Radio. I get chills just reflecting on these. Homie’s a true mystic.
3. Keith Walsh Experience, Motorik CD. This one man band is the very epitome of rock‘n’roll. If he doesn’t get his dues, I don’t want it to be any fault of mine.
4. Reading Group, everything (songs). Find everything you can by this intellectually-inclined, and unfortunately, short-lived Louisville pop punk band.
5. Shabazz Palaces, Black Up CD. Seattle Afro-futurists kill hip-hop.
6. Agatha, Self-titledcassette. Seattle sissies rule! The only currently relevant hardcore I can think of off the top of my head.
7. Peace, Self-titled EP. Eastern philosophy in youth crew anthems. Sign the lotus, FUCKING GO! (I’m not actually sure these guys are Buddhists; it’s just how I interpret it.)
8. Jimmy Cliff, Rebirth LP. I don’t know what else to say but...REBIRTH, INDEED!
9. The Morons, Discography cassette. Melodic hardcore that does everything right except slip under my radar for all these years.
10. Panopticon, Kentucky LP. A black metal tribute to Kentucky by a manic genius bidding it farewell. Full of songs of the land, labor and miner struggles; mixed with bluegrass breakdowns and folk songs. Broad, majestic, and heartbreaking.
Runners Up: Chumbawamba, Jesus H. Christ LP, Red Vs. Black, Excuse to Exist cassette, Mykke Blanco (everything I’ve heard), P.S. Eliot, Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds LP.

Dan Ozzi
• Mind Spiders, Meltdown
• Masked Intruder, Self-titled
• Math The Band, Get Real
• Murder By Death, Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
• Tim Barry, 40 Miler
• Japandroids, Celebration Rock
• The Dopamines, Vices
• Forgetters, Self-titled
• Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind
• Literally did not hear one single ska song all year!

Daniel Barker
Libyans, Foreign Objects, No Sir, I Won’t, Shock To The System Records
1. God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds LP
2. Fun, Some Nights LP
3. Neon Piss, Self-titled LP
4. Low Culture, Self-titled 7”
5. Big Eyes, Back from the Moon 7”
6. Ancient Filth, second EP cassette
7. Surrender/1981, Split 7”
8. The Lumineers, Winter EP 10”
9. Sad Boys, Demo cassette
10. Zounds, 7” singles box set

Daniel Lupton
Sorry State Records

• Crazy Spirit, Self-titled LP (ToxicState)
• Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Go Home LP (ToxicState)
• Raw Nerve, Midnight 7” (Youth Attack)
• Sickoids, Self-titled LP (Residue)
• Criaturas, Oscuridad Eterna LP (Lengua Armada)
• Hoax, second and third EPs (Youth Attack/Painkiller)
• Los Monjo, Sencillos cassette (CV)
• Midnite Snaxxx, Self-titled LP (Red Lounge)
• Permaculture, Swallow What You’re Given 7” (Inflammable Material)
• D-Clone, Creation and Destroy LP (540)

Daryl Gussin
Razorcake / Spokenest / Margin Mouth
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• Summer Vacation, Condition LP
• Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP
• Criminal Code, Cold Thoughts LP
• Tenement, Blind Wink LP
• Young Guv & The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong 12” EP
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners LP
• Red Dons, Ausländer 7”
• Divers 7”
• Synthetic ID 7”

Designated Dale
Drum wailer for Charm Machine
1. Getting back into the recording studio with my holmeses.
2. Mark St. Mark, Stealing Days CD
3. Riverboat Gamblers, The Wolf You Feed LP
4. Rocket From The Crypt appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba
5. Dramarama at T. Boyle’s Tavern in Pasadena, CA
6. The Arrivals at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL
7. The Stains at the Redwood in Los Angeles, CA
8. Off With Their Heads at VLHS in Pomona, CA
9. Social Unrest, Fang, and Hollywood Hate at Weber’s in Reseda, CA
10. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders at the Redwood in Los Angeles, CA

Douglas Burns
Red Dons / Endless Column
1. Daylight Robbery, Ecstatic Vision LP
2. The Chemicals, For Real, For Life, Forever, or Whatever
3. Neon Piss, Self-titled LP
4. No///Se, Self-titled LP
5. Justin Maurer, Seventeen Television (collection of short stories)
6. LA Drugz, Live (in L.A. at Blue Star and The Prospector)
7. The Estranged, Live (West Coast tour)
8. No Problem, Specters, Lars Von Trier, Live (in Victoria and Vancouver at Logan’s Pub and Iron Road Studios)
9. No More Art, Tough to Breathe EP
10. Bi Marks, Live (at Angelos in Portland, OR)

Emily Rose Epstein
Drummer of the Ty Segall Band/Former Razorcake Intern!
Favorite Drummers to Watch in 2012!
• Lillian Maring (Grass Widow)
• Nick Murray (White Fence)
• Tiffany Minton (Heavy Cream)
• Mike Shoun (Thee Oh Sees)
• Erik “Dancing Rick” Jimenez (Pangea/Chad And The Meatbodies)
• Chris Ortiz (Amplified Heat)
• Ty Segall (Fuzz)
• Casey Weissbuch (Useless Eaters)
• James Traeger (Night Beats)
• Colin Sick (Human Eye/Timmy’s Organism)

George Rager
Neighborhood Brats, Guitar
Top 10 All-Time Punk Songs about Drugs As of December 31, 2012 (There Is Always Room for Improvement).
1. Ramones, “Chinese Rocks”
2. Simpletones, “I Like Drugs”
3. The Stitches, “Amphetamine Girl”
4. Sick Pleasure, “Speed Rules”
5. Zero Boys, “Amphetamine Addiction”
6. Dwarves, “Free Cocaine”
7. Rocky & The Sweden, “Smoking Slugger”
8. Minor Threat, “Straight Edge”
9. Subhumans, “Drugs of Youth”
10. D.I., “Richard Hung Himself”

Isaac Reyes
Lenguas Largas, Shark Pants
1. Sam Flax, Age Waves
2. Gap Dream, Self-titled
3. Tronics, Love Backed by Force
4. Timmy’s Organism, Raw Sewage Roq
5. Audacity, Mellow Cruisers
6. King Tuff, Self-titled
7. The Victims, Sleeping Dogs Lie
8. Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion
9. Gonerfest 9!
10. Awesome Fest 666!

Jennifer Federico
Top 10 Live Shows
• Kicker at the Oakland Metro Operahouse
• Refused at the Warfield
• No Static at Oakland Metro Operahouse
• Re-Volts and The Briefs at The Uptown
• Estranged, Red Dons, and Neon Piss at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
• Hardskin at Elbo Room
• Doomsday Student at Thee Parkside
• Great Apes, Sydney Ducks, and P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. at Eli’s Mile High Club
• Sharp Objects and Swingin’ Utters at Thee Parkside
• Subversion Volume 1 (Day 3) at the Oakland Metro Operahouse (loads of great bands!)

Jerico Campbell
Bombón / Bee’s Knees

Top Ten Musical Luvs of 2012
• Peach Kelli Pop, Self-titled LP 
• Shannon & The Clams, Sleep Talk
• Unstoppable Death Machines, Best live band!
• (Thee Ultimate) Baby J, Self-titled
• The Babies, Our House on the Hill
• Tennis, Young & Old
• Cochinas, Unreleased tunez
• King Tuff, Self-titled
• The Wild Ones
• Permanent Records, Los Angeles: Best, sweetest lil’ record shop!

Jesse Thorson
Slow Death / Pretty Boy Thorson
Best Shit of 2012
1. Hard Skin, We’re the Fucking George
2. John Mulaney, New in Town
3. NudeBeach, II
4. Tragedy, Darker Days Ahead
5. Terry Malts, Killing Time
6. Todd Barry, Super Crazy
7. Dan Padilla, Sports Fans
8. Cheap Girls, Giant Orange
9. Kyle Kinane, Whiskey Icarus
10. Arms Aloft, SawdustCity

John Wesley Coleman
“Trash Poet of the Universe of Texas Punkers” and member of The Golden Boys
1. Lost Sounds, The Lost Lost:Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes and Unused Songs ‘99-2004. (Goner)
2. Timmys Organism, Raw Sewage Roq (In The Red)
3. JAiLL, Traps (Sub Pop)
4. Spider Bags, Shake My Head (Odessa)
5. James Arthur’s Manhunt. Anything he does. My buddy. (Space Case Records / In The Red)
6. Trailer Space Records
7. Burger Records, animal comp tapes and bands. Fletcher C . Johnson cool duder!
8. Dirty Fingernails, The Golden Boys (12XU)
9. A Giant Dog and Obn III’s (Tic Tac Totally)
10. Goner Records bands and Memphis food. I need to diet. 

Jonny C.
The Slow Death
Top 10 Shows I saw in 2012(in chronological order):

• 01/28 - The Soviettes, None More Black, The Arrivals, Frozen Teens @ The Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN (RIP Dr. C)
• 04/14 - The Maxies @ Way Out West Fest, Tuscon, AZ (For getting kicked out of the venue and coming right back in without their costumes.)
• 05/07 - Arms Aloft, New Bruises, Awkward Age @ Hold Tight! House, Tampa, FL
• 06/22 - Plow United @ Insubordination Fest, Baltimore, MN
• 08/11 - Off With Their Heads @ Hafenkneipe, Zurich, CZ
• 10/01 - Nothington, All Aboard!, New Bruises @ Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, DE
• 10/27 - High Voltage @ Fest 11, Gainesville, FL
• 10/28 - Riverboat Gamblers @ Fest 11(Dirty Nelly's show!), Gainesville, FL
• 12/02 - Rat Storm, Ink & Sweat, Permanent Makeup @ Hold Tight! House, Tampa, FL
• 12/31 - Dillinger Four, Frozen Teens, La'Assassins @ Turf Club, St. Paul, MN

Jon Westbrook
Knife Fight / Rough Kids
1. Drapetomania, EP
2. Sadicos, demo
3. The Boston Strangler, Primitive
4. M. Akers, Tough To Kill
5. Hoax, second EP
6. Merchandise, Children of Desire
7. No Tolerance, No Remorse, No Tolerance
8. Kromosom, Paranoid
9. Violent Future, demo
10. Neon Piss, Self-titled

Jordan Atkins
Residue Records / Manipulation
• Sickoids, Self-titled LP
• Hoax, 2nd EP
• Criaturas, Oscuridad Eterna LP
• Needles, Desesperacion EP
• Permaculture, Swallow What You’re Given EP
• Big Eyes, Back from the Moon EP
• Boston Strangler, Primitive LP
• Coffin Pricks, Group Home Haircut EP
• Daylight Robbery, Ecstatic Vision LP
• Poison Idea, Fatal Erection Years LP

Kat Naden
The God Damn Doo Wop Band / Strait A’s
1. Jabber, Too Many Babes (released on Bandcamp so far, soon on Bloated Cat Records)
2. White Wires, WWIII
3. The Murderburgers, How to Ruin Your Life
4. Sleep Tight, Sleep Tight (Bandcamp release only, lazy fucks)
5. The Hextalls, Rock You to Sleep
6. Superdrag, Regretfully Yours, reissue (in theory, Side One Dummy promised it in 2012, so that counts, right?)
7. Masked Intruder, Self-titled
8. Pink, The Truth about Love / Taylor Swift, Red (my tie for a shitty radio music option)
9. Apocalypse Meow / DiMarcos, split LP
10. Mean Jeans, On Mars
Honorable Mention: Audacity, Mellow Cruisers (“Punk Confusion” was one of my favorite songs I heard last year; just haven’t gotten to listen to the album enough yet. I should probably fucking do that...)

Kate Eldridge and Chris Costalupes
Big Eyes
Top 10 Big Eyes Shows of 2012
• 5/10: Milwaukee, WI at the Cactus Club w/ Pierced Arrows, Tenement, Head On Electric
• 5/12, Minneapolis, MN at the Triple Rock w/ Dillinger Four, Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, The Slow Death
• 6/29-7/1, Outsleazed Fest in Reno, NV at Shea’s Tavern and ClarkLane Mall
• 8/18, Missoula, MT (afternoon house show) at The Lab w/ Torche, Iron Lung
• 8/20, Portland, OR at The Know w/ Tenement, Crypties
• 8/26, Portland, OR at Angelo’s w/ Mean Jeans, Bi Marks, Dead Ghosts
• 11/11, Gainesville, FL at The Atlantic w/ Post Teens, Audacity, Grabass Charlestons, Rose Cross
• 11/16, Chattanooga, TN at JJ’s Bohemia w/ Future Virgins, Audacity
• 11/30, Chicago, IL (Treasure Fleet’s record release) at Subterranean w/ Treasure Fleet, Audacity, The Brokedowns
• 12/8, San Pedro, CA at the San Pedro Brewing Company w/ Mike Watt And The Missingmen, Toys That Kill, Audacity

Kelly Leech
Jerk Store Fanzine
• Whatever Brains, Whatever Brains LP
• Permaculture, Swallow What You’re Given 7”
• Sass Dragons, New Kids on the Bong LP (this counts, right?)
• Unfun / Muhammadali, Split 7”
• The Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion LP
• Sick Fix, Vexed LP
• Red Dons, Ausländer 7”
• Mean Jeans, On Mars LP
• Bloody Gears, Landscapes of Disease LP
• Big Eyes, Back from the Moon 7”

Ken Cheppaikode
Dirtnap Records
1. Tyvek, On Triple Beams
2. Sugar Stems, Can’t Wait
3. Splits, Self-titled
4. Youthbitch, Don’t Fuck This Up
5. King Tuff, Self-titled
6. Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta
7. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
8. OBN IIIs, Self-titled
9. White Lung, Sorry
10. Midnite Snaxx, Self-titled

Kenneth William
White Lung, Guitar

Ten Songs I Liked This Year
1. A$Ap Rocky, “Demons”
2. Chromatics, “Back from the Grave”
3. Crystal Castles, “Insulin”
4. Hysterese, “Three Wise Monkeys”
5. Kendrick Lamar, “Cartoons and Cereal”
6. Mac Demarco, “Dreamin”
7. Shoxx, “Flunk”
8. Vapid, “1983”
9. Wax Idols, “Schadenfreude”
10. White Ring, “Murda” (Waka Flock Flame remix)

Kevin Dunn
Geneva13zine / Girth Records
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
• Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club split 10” EP
• Stevie Tombstone, Greenwood
• Screaming Females, Ugly
• Low Culture, Self-titled 7”
• Shang-a-Lang, Waiting for the End
• God Equals Genocide, Rattled Minds
• Them Martyrs, Wretched
• Bob Mould, Silver Age
• The Magnificent, Bad Lucky

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
Love & Rockets by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez. Los Bros. Hernandez are going stronger than ever in their 30th anniversary year of indie comics making. The best selling comics from Marvel, DC or Image still can’t touch what these guys have achieved with the medium. Published by Fantagraphics.
Habibi by Craig Thompson. Just when you think you have a good handle on the art form of comics, this guy singlehandedly creates this graphic novel that is over six hundred pages long and kicks ass. Published by Pantheon.
Pinocchio by Winshluss. This was published in 2008 but I didn’t read it till 2012. You gotta read this. Dude. Published by Les Requins Marteaux.
• Exhibiting art pieces in the Giant Robot Biennale 3 at the JapaneseAmericanNationalMuseum Sept 23, 2012 - Jan 20, 2013. I thought this was going to be my family validation art exhibition since it was at a, hello!, freaking national museum (Japanese American no less) but it only left my parents confused/frightened and my poor mom visibly smaller than when she walked in.
• Death Grips, Exmilitary. A free mix tape/download that jumped out from nowhere, punched me in the balls and looked in my eyes while saying “How ya like me now?” For once, a free music download that doesn’t sound like it has to be free for anybody to listen.
The Nao Of Brown by Glyn Dillon. Some graphic novels are so good they either push you to work harder on your own stuff or make you throw all your comic creator dreams down the disposal. Published by Self Made Hero.
• Jacknife Records & Tapes in Atwater, L.A. I like this store and the owner, Trevor. Do you know what a cassette is? They are still being made and are for sale here along with ones that you might remember owning if you are old enough to have used a Walkman or an old Flintstone car with a tape deck.
• Getting a painting in The Dark Knight Legend Exhibit. Didn’t even know I was in the show until somebody sent me a review. I’m a geek, I still like The Batman, plus this is the sort of easy to understand mainstream show that helps validate you going to art school to your parents.
• Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., etc... I know many of you avoid using this stuff because you are only aware of it through your friends who use them constantly for anonymous sexual hookups, but I have to say that they have all been very useful for my art career. I just hate sitting in front of my computer rather than my drawing desk.
• Rest In Peace Jean Giraud (AKA Moebius), Joe Kubert, Tony de Zuñiga and Keiji Nakazawa In 2012, some of the greatest sequential art story tellers passed on to that bottomless ink pot in the sky.

Kurt Morris
• Strand Of Oaks, Dark Shores
• Pig Destroyer, Book Burner
• Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind
• Prayer Breakfast, Family Breakfast
• Merchandise, Children of Desire
• Pinback, Information Retrieved
• Propagandhi, Failed States
• Burning Love, Rotten Thing to Say
• Bob Mould, Silver Age
• Dinosaur Jr., I Bet on Sky

Liz Prince
1. Teenage Bottlerocket, Freak Out!
2. Ambulars, Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel
3. Masked Intruder, First Offense 7”
4. Outtacontroller, Don’t Play Dumb
5. Terrible Feelings, Shadows
6. Mean Jeans, On Mars
7. White Wires, WWIII
8. Big Eyes, Back from the Moon 7”
9. Various Artists, The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore
10. Grandma’s Boyfriend, Self-titled 7”

Mark Twistworthy
Twistworthy Records / Come And Take It
• Terry Malts, Killing Time, LP
• Protomartyr, No Passion All Technique, LP
• Coffin Pricks, Group Home Haircut, 7”
• Boomgates, Double Natural, LP
• The Golden Boys, Dirty Fingernails, LP
• Weird Party, Hussy LP & Secret Lives 7”
• Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta, LP
• Cheater Slicks, Reality Is a Grape, LP
• Legendary Wings, Making Paper Roses, LP
• Sea Pinks, Freak Waves, LP

Marty Ploy
1. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 (Recess)
2. Mind Spiders, Meltdown (Dirtnap)
3. Grabass Charlestons, Dale & the Careeners (No Idea)
4. No///se’, Self-titled (Rotten To The Core)
5. White Lung, Sorry (Deranged)
6. Neighborhood Brats, Self-titled (Modern Action)
7. Dogjaw, Slow to Build (Rumbletowne)
8. Classics Of Love, Self-titled (Asian Man)
9. Dan Padilla, Sports Fans (Dirtcult)
10. Forgetters, Self-titled (Too Small To Fail)

Matthew Hart
• Tenement at the Blue Star
• Red Dons at the Blue Star/VLHS
• Spokenest
• Trader Joe’s decision to sell dark chocolate peanut butter cups
• Young Guv and The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong
• Billie Joe finally earning his leather pants
• Reading stories with The Taxpayers at VLHS
• The Notorious Awesome Fest 666 Van Orgy
• Adrian and Daryl’s wedding

Megan and John
Street Eaters
In No Particular Order or Given Category
• Thirty-eight shows in forty-two days on our European tour.
• Our tour buddies for different legs of the tour: Seb and The Rhaa Dicks 7” and live, from France, and Absurdo from Spain
• The Nervosas tape (Sweet Pete from Let’s Pretend sent one to Meg along with the Wild Assumptions test presses.)
• Getting a new kick pedal - a DW 9000, which is 5000 more than my old pedal. (John calls it the Robocop of drum pedals.)
• Playing four great fests: Awesome Fest, Plan-It X Fest, Do Ya Hear We? and Think And Die Thinking Fest
• Only breaking down in our legendary truck, Mad Maxine, once!
• Youth Avoiders in Paris.
• Dark Rides in Chattanooga (live and 7”).
• Screaming Females (live and new LP Ugly).
• Uzi Rash R.I.P. in Oakland, CA.

Mike Faloon
Go Metric / Zisk
• Black Wine, Hollow Earth LP
• Figgs, The Day Gravity Stopped LP
• Measure, My Heart and the Real World LP
• Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP
• Reports, Dinamo Cambridge 12” EP
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion LP
• Various Artists, Busy Doing Nothing LP and calendar
• Various Artists, Time to Go: The Southern Psychedelic Movement 1981-86, 2 x LP
• Young Fresh Fellows, Tiempo de Lujo LP

Mitch ClemMy Stupid Life / Turnstile Comix
• Big Eyes, Back from the Moon 7”
• Future Of The Left, The Plot Against Common Sense
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
• Tragedy, Darker Days Ahead
• Masked Intruder, Self-titled
• Rise And Fall, Faith
• Swearin’, Self-titled
• World’s Scariest Police Chases, Unfuckwithable
• White Lung, Sorry
• dinosaur jr., I Bet on Sky

Nate Ganglehoff
Gateway District, Banner Pilot

1. Cloud Nothings, Attack on Memory
2. Screaming Females, Ugly
3. Joyce Manor, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
4. TBR, Freak Out!
5. Luther, Let’s Get You Somewhere Else
6. Sidekicks, Awkward Breeds
7. Menzingers, On the Impossible Past
8. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
9. Green Day, an aggressively edited version of Uno/Dos/Tre
10. Breaking Bad, Season 5 (TV show)

Nick Toerner
1. Delay, Rushing Ceremony
2. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
3. Grabass Charlestons, Dale & the Careeners
4. Billy Raygun, Self-titled
5. Treasure Fleet, Future Ways
6. Sloane Peterson, Why Go Out?
7. Dopamines, Vices
8. Mean Jeans, On Mars
9. The Fake Boys, Pig Factory
10. Vacation, Shitty City / Candy Waves 7”s

Rachel Lynch
Blood Buddies
1. White Lung, Sorry
2. Dogjaw, Slow to Build
3. Neon Piss, Self-titled
4. Nü Sensae, Sundowning
5. Eagle Twin, The Feather That Tipped The Serpents Scale
6. Chelsea Wolfe, Unknown Rooms
7. OFF!, Self-titled
8. Joyride!/Bitpart, Split
9. Divers, Self-titled 7”
10. Big Eyes, Back from the Moon 7”

Replay Dave
Careeners (formerly Grabass Charlestons)

1. Mean Jeans, On Mars LP
2. Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves, Canyons LP
3. Traveling, live at Fest 11
4. Scam #9 (Black Flag, Damaged interviews)
5. Hot Water Music, Exister LP
6. Billy No Mates, Duck, Duck, Goose LP
7. Careeners getting to play out of town with Post Teens & The Ship Thieves
8. Successfully conducting 8 album interviews during Fest 11 for leadusdown.com
9. Treasure Fleet, Future Ways LP
10. Slayer / Anthrax / Motörhead live in Tampa

Rick V.
1919 Hemphill / Fort Worth
Top Ten Bands That Have Graced 1919 Hemphill in 2012 and the Food I Associate with Them.
1. Our Lady: Two large pizzas that I ordered for them because I forgot to set up their show.
2. Max Levine Ensemble: Spiral Diner after hours when I had a key.
3. Paul Baribeau: Big Red and nothing but.
4. Landlord: Gross dip made from Taco Bell condiments.
5. The Taxpayers: Saliva-covered sugar cane.
6. Boogie Nazis: Otis Spunkmeyer muffin I ate in jail that morning.
7. Japanther: Coconut water and lack of.
8. Jeffrey Lewis: Ramen noodles.
9. Best Fwends: Sunkist (poured on me).
10. 1919 Hemphill 10 year birthday shows: Sugary, sugary tooth-rotting treats made by Yolanda Rios.

Russ Van Cleave
The Tim Version, SandspurCity, etc.
• Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, Play Loud! EP
• O.V. Wright, The Wright Stuff and O.V. Wright live
• Mississippi Fred McDowell, In London
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale and the Careeners
• Suspicious Beasts, Used to Be Beautiful
• Charlie Louvin, Less And Less & I Don’t Love You Anymore
• Various Artists, Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label
• Rumspringer, Empty Towers
• Roky Erickson, The Evil One
• Snakehealers, Cure All

Sarah Shay
The Mongrel Jews
1. Eliza Rickman, O, You Sinners
2. Nathan Johnson, Looper: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
3. Aaron J. Shay, None the Worse for Wear
4. The Mountain Goats, Transcendental Youth
5. Mumford And Sons, Babel
6. Impossible Bird, Self-titled
7. Dogwood, Myths and Maladies
8. Jherek Bischoff, Composed
9. Eddplant, Nothing to Worry About
10. Caravan Of Thieves, The Funhouse

Sean Arenas
Summer Vacation
• Glocca Morra, Just Married LP
• Hard Girls, Isn’t It Worse / Gainful Clumps Cassette
• Comadre, Self-titled LP
• The Bananas at Awesome Fest 6
• Pangea, Killer Dreams EP
• T̶O̶N̶G̶U̶E̶ , / / / Cassette
• La Bella, Recomposition EP
• Tom Grrrl at VLHS 12/8
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP
• Tenement, Blind Wink LP

Sean Koepenick
Bassist, Silver Screams, Boston, MA (silverscreams.us)
1. Salad Days documentary party. The Black Cat, Washington, D.C.12/28-12/29/12
(All six bands)
2. Face to Face (acoustic) performing Ignorance is Bliss in its entirety. Brighton Music Hall, Brighton, MA-6/17/12
3. 2000 Tons of TNT Festival. Webster Theater, Hartford, CT. 8/31-9/2/12. The Bruisers, Anti-Nowhere League, The Meatmen, Infa-Riot.
4. Down by Law. PVD Social Club, Providence, RI. 8/25/12
5. Mission of Burma. Brighton Music Hall, Brighton, MA 1/21/12
6. Cock Sparrer. Wonderland Ballroom, Revere, MA. 5/19/12
7. DYS. Cambridge Elks Lodge, Cambridge, MA 5/20/12
8. Glen Matlock (acoustic). Middle East, Cambridge, MA 11/8/12
9. Tommy Stinson. TT The Bear’s, Cambridge, MA 4/11/12
10. Angry Samoans. The Met Café, Pawtucket, RI. 10/4/12

Shahab Zargari
Geykido Comet Records
• Dan Vapid And The Cheats, “Good Enough”
• The Copyrights, “Crutches”
• Of Monsters And Men, “Little Talks” (U.S. release)
• Cobra Skulls, “Believe”
• Brock Frabbiele, “Seize the Carp” (Live)
• Bob Ross Remixed, “Happy Little Clouds”
• The Vindictives, “Nightmare, Man”
• Dan Padilla, “Hey Sylvia”
• JD McPherson, “North Side Gal”
• Holding Onto Sound, “Consuming Daylight”

Stephen Hart
Aloha, Here Is My Top Ten
1. Melvins 51 shows in 51 days tour (Tour)
2. Kowloon Walled City, Container Ships LP
3. Bob Mould, Silver Age CD
4. Rediscovering Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey (Ex-Throbbing Gristle)
5. Killing Joke, Down by the River CD
6. Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, “Bread and Roses” (single)
7. Men Without Hats, Lovein the Age of War CD
8. My friends, teammates, and family who helped me get through a shit-ass year
9. SF Giants
10. MDC and White Rose on Maui (show)

Tim Neilson
Johnny Volume / Etc...Promotions

1. The Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion and Future Ways
2. Toys That Kill, Fambly 42
3. Low Culture, Self-titled 7”
4. Riverboat Gamblers, The Wolf You Feed
5. Forgetters, Self-titled
6. Good Men Die Like Dogs, Music To Drown By
7. Various Artists, The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore
8. Mean Jeans, On Mars
9. Muhammadali, Self-titled
10. Something Fierce / Occult Detective Club, Split 10”

Todd Taylor• Mind Spiders, Meltdown LP and live
• Toys That Kill, Fambly 42 LP and live
• Tie: Young Guv & The Scuzz, A Love Too Strong 12” EP and Marvelous Darlings, Single Life LP
• Summer Vacation, Condition LP and live
• Grabass Charlestons, Dale & the Careeners LP and live
• Sloane Peterson, Why Go Out? LP
• Lenguas Largas, Ese Culito 12” and live
• Tie: Kalashnikov, Vampirizzatti Oggi 7"EP and Vånna Inget, Jag Sky Fly Tills Jar Hittar Hem 7"EP
• Tie: The Consumers, All My Friends Are Dead LP, Wreck Of The Zephyr, For Helen LP and live
• Treasure Fleet, Cocamotion LP and live
• Sick Sick Birds, Gates of Home LP
• Alice Bag, Violence Girl 7"EP and book and live

Ty Stranglehold
Stiff Hombre Records
Top 10 Bands I Saw in 2012
1. Night Birds
2. Marked Men
3. Neighborhood Brats
4. Bananas
5. The Bodies
6. Occult Detective Club
7. Toys That Kill
8. Mind Spiders
9. Death
10. Big Eyes

Wells Tipley
Rations / 86’d Records / Solid MFG

2012 Long Island, NY stuff
10. Giant Peach, Callous and Strange 7”
9. Warm Needles, Pretty Tambo 7”
8. Pretty Bullshit / Warm Needles, Split 7”
7. Fellow Project / Marine Electric, Split 7”
6. Make It Plain, “Summersault” b/w “Hutch” 7”
5. Bastard Cut, How to Spot a Bastard CD
4. Iron Chic, Split N’ Shit 7”
3. Village Of The Branch, demo download
2. Vice Massacre, Expendable Humans LP
1. Various Artists, Pissing Off the Neighbors Cassette

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