RAZORBLADE: Dutch Steel: The Best of Razorblade 2001-2009: CD

Oct 16, 2009

I’m floored by Holland’s Razorblade, a powerful, in-your-face oi band in the great tradition of both early U.K. oi and mid-1980s U.S. oi. This is hard oi, so hard that it’s typically a challenge to find non-bonehead bands that play in this style. You can put your lame Midtown Bootboys and Landser records aside because now there’s a vibrant, non-sketchy group that embraces some of those shady bands’ undeniably gripping musical styles. To add some levity into the mix, there’s a hilarious, Dutch-language cover of “Smash the Discos.” I can’t stop shouting “Sloop de discos! Breek ze af!”

 –Art Ettinger (84 Records/Step-1, svr84.ehostpros.com/~plrds84/tjfrontpage.htm)

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