Jan 19, 2016

Sits firmly between garage rock and hard rock, but gets a little too close to cocky glam rock for my taste. If I can confuse your band’s intros with Mötley Crüe songs, I think I’m right to react a little adversely to that. The parts that work for me are the bits that are aping Ramones riffs, not the flanger-flavored sluggish breakdowns. Not that these are influences that the Razorbats are ashamed or embarrassed of, in fact they flaunt it proudly with single-ready tracks like “Kids of the 70s.” I can’t knock off points for musicianship or songwriting, but this is a standard case of “not for me.” Listen if you think punk rock could maybe use more leather jackets, but more for the sake of fashion. Grade: B-.

 –Bryan Static (Self Destructo, selfdestructorecords.bandcamp.com)