RAYON BEACH: This Looks Serious: CD

Sep 06, 2012

Haven’t watched these guys too closely. Really like their The Memory Teeth EP from a couple years back. What’s on here is a little more focused and slightly poppier. They seem to be taking less risk, sound-wise, than before. Where songs on the aforementioned EP would go off into other sonic realms, what’s on here tends to stay close to the vest, so to speak. However, there’s more drive in the newer material, which could definitely appeal to a larger audience. I like the backing vocals on “Airplane with Tits,” as it gives the song a campy horror movie soundtrack vibe. The instrumental “Girls and Boys” stands out with its slight fuzzed-out and dark vibe. But other than that, this doesn’t do a whole lot for me. I prefer it more when they push at the borders of their songwriting and veer off into slightly weirder territories.

 –M.Avrg (Hozac, hozacrecords.com)

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