Mar 15, 2010

...although i freely admit stealing the music for Boris the Sprinkler’s “I’m All Nerves” from the Raydios’ “Turning Blue,” the Raydios were and are, historically, the post-Teengenerate project that has interested me least—they don’t have that frothing, inferno-eyed “WE ARE ALL FLYING TO THE MOON ON THREE DOLLARS WORTH OF BEER AND FIFTY CENTS WORTH OF GELIGNITE” raving-and-nothing-but over-the-top berserkness of Teengenerate, and they don’t have the prostate-tickling pop hooks of the Tweezers. I mean, they have some of the headlong charge of Teengenerate, and some of the pop-tickliness of the Tweezers, and they have kind of a rock thing and kind of a production thing and kind of a chanty punk thing, but they don’t have a gigantically characteristic amount of any one or two or three things, and, although i hate to admit this, i...kinda...don’t really know what they’re trying to DO, really. I’m confused. It isn’t really raw, but it doesn’t sound obvious that they’re trying to make an overtly polished Rock record, either. The verses of “Fly And Go Away” sound almost identical to “C.I.D.” by the U.K. Subs, but the rest of the song is remiss the singalong choruses, and what’s “C.I.D.” without the singalong chorus? “D.I.A.” sounds like it would be along the same lines as “C.I.D.,” but the chanty chorus goes “D.I. AMERICA!!! D.I. AMERICA!!!” and i have no idea what that is supposed to mean, and it just makes me think of a gigantic Casey Royer sitting in Lincoln’s spot on the Lincoln Memorial, wrapped in an American flag with a wreath around his head. As i said, i’m confused. I like the Raydios and all, but—like the Gaza Strippers never really did vis-à-vis their progenitors, the Didjits—i need them to veer off in one direction or another so they can bang out a niche in my brain above and beyond the niche they carved out for themselves when i stole the music from their song. Or, i dunno, maybe i should just stop blabbering and turn it up?? BEST SONG: “Fly And Go Away” BEST SONG TITLE: “Yellow Soldiers,” although i’m not certain i know what the hell that’s supposed to mean FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I don’t think “Now” is as good as the A-Bones “Not Now” album; what does that mean for the time stream???

 –norb (Dirtnap)