RAY GRADYS, THE: We Don’t Need Your Labels: CD

Jul 25, 2007

Straight-ahead homemade punk in the vein of Quincy Punx—songs about how religion and big business suck and cops and Nazis are appropriate targets for gunfire. I’m kind of ambivalent about this; it’s good and sloppy, though not exceptional musically, and still pretty compelling at a visceral level. But over time this really grew on me; at first it sounded like it was only straight ahead hardcore, but there are a lot of catchy hooks that took me time to find because they got lost in the attitude of the record. Now I’d love to hear what comes from these guys in the future. However, lyrically I got tired of this kind of stuff years ago, so I felt like the Ray Gradys were leading me down a path that I’ve trod before despite their wondrous low-fi and promise for the future.

 –Eric Carlson (www.raygradys.8m.com)

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