Quirky. Ray And The DM’s sound is more or less a low-fi experimental garage trip-out on Cramps-fueled acid, but there is no consistent vein to the nature of the tunes. Some are genuine garage rock in its best form, while others are warbling, wailing experimental sonic freakouts. The label claims that they release “music to ruin parties,” and I’d have to say that description hits the nail square on the head. I can see me and my buddy Matt back in college commandeering the stereo at a party to play this and piss everyone off, punks and frat boy lunkheads alike, laughing our asses off all the while. This is probably one of those records that you’ll either love or hate from your first listen, but if you hate it and then don’t listen to it for ten years you’d realize at that later date that there is genius in them there warblings. But then again, you might not. Waffling is fun

 –Eric Carlson (Voodoo Rhythm)