Raw Power's Founding Member, Giussepe Codeluppi: Suffered a Heart Attack, by Bill Sassenberger

Oct 08, 2002


Giussepe Codeluppi

It is with a very heavy heart but as an obligation to the many fans and friends of Raw Power throughout the world that I have been asked to spread the news of the death of Giussepe Codeluppi, founder of the Italian punk band, Raw Power. He suffered a heart attack while playing soccer with his friends in Parma, Italy. I believe he was 45 years old.

Raw Power were one of the first non-English European bands to make their mark by touring the USA incessantly during the '80s and '90s and as recently as 2001. They were also one of the first "crossover" bands (along with D.R.I., C.O.C.) combining the best elements of punk and metal together for the first time. They broke down doors and destroyed borders for many others to follow in their footsteps. Songs such as "Fuck Authority," "State Oppression," and "Burning the Factory," defined an attitude that many could identify with in spite of their citizenship. Giuseppe Codeluppi was not just the band's guitarist since 1981 but he was the very heart and soul of Raw Power and it is doubtful the band will be able to carry on without him. He will be missed.

For more information on their history, discography and photos visit their web site :


For letters of support and condolences, write his brother (the vocalist of Raw Power), Mauro Codeluppi at [email protected]

Thank you for your time,
Bill Sassenberger
Toxic Shock Records