RAW POWER: Still Screaming (After 20 Years): LP

Jul 09, 2009

This is the newest output by these punks who put Italy on the international punk map. At least for me, they were the very first Italian punk band that I heard back in the early ‘80s. The Screams from the Gutter LP and the Wop Hour EP were in constant rotation at my house. Those two releases and the Mine to Kill LP are my favorites. Those records are crossover classics. I actually got to meet the band and see them live, if I remember correctly, around 1985. They were amazing shows and nice people. This is the last recorded work by guitarist Giuseppe Codeluppi, who died unexpectedly last year. The singer Mauro Codeluppi remains as the only original member from the beginning. This new release is consistent with their last two releases, Reptile House and Trust Me. The songs are more straight forward punk with less metal leanings. Luckily for us, their age hasn’t slowed these guys down. The band and the songs still pulverize with their aggression. The lyrics haven’t strayed from the original formula. Their lyrics are still pissed off and are questioning what irritates them. It’s an interesting choice though for a cover on this one. They cover Nirvana’s Territorial Pissing. Isn’t it usually the case a younger band covers an older one? This band was around before Nirvana.

 –don (Six Weeks)

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