RAW POWER: Reptile House: CD/DVD

Mar 14, 2007

Wow! I reviewed this for Flipside Magazine back in 1998. The label even included most of the review on the promo sheet. Here I am reviewing it again, but this time it’s for the remastered version with an additional DVD. Not having listened to this disc for a number of years, it still is one of the band’s better releases, up there with my favorites: You Are the Victim LP, Screams from the Gutter LP, Wop Hour 7", and Mine to Kill LP. This band from Italy started in 1981 and has continued on to this day. I saw the band come through L.A. on tour last year and they continue to put on an amazing show. I had the same excitement seeing them as I had when I saw the back in `84. They’re one of the few bands from the original crossover movement that continue to matter. The bonus DVD is lengthy. So far, I have only had a chance to flip around it and there is a lot to see. A cool tour documentary, video, and live footage from 1983-2000. Still one of my favorite bands.

 –don (Westworld)