RAW POWER: After Your Brain: LP

Nov 30, 2010

Getting the vinyl reissue treatment after twenty years?! I always thought this would be one of those evergreen records. This is their third studio LP, and while this is not as awesome as the first two albums, this is still pretty good, and one that should be part of any hardcore fan’s collection. “What For” with its insane growly voice at the beginning and the manic speed the song moves in still rages after all this time. There’s really not one bad song on here, and they all hold up years later, although the electric drum used in “What Have We Done” sounds dated. Other than that... I would urge you to get this instead of the crappy hyped-up hardcore on today’s boutique labels.

 –M.Avrg (Toxic Shock, toxicranchrecords.com)

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