RAW NERVES: Futile Efforts: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Goddamn is this some crushing hardcore! Portland’s Raw Nerves serve up a full length’s worth of mid-paced, gruff hardcore hoisting the same flag as favorites like Rorschach and Strung Up. The speed barriers are hardly broken here but that’s exactly what is going perfectly well in the songwriting process with the focus being on brutally heavy riffs and pounding drums. Truth time: I’ve heard of Raw Nerves prior to getting this handed to me, but ignored them due to the fact that I was more into Raw Nerve from Chicago whose popularity exploded when Youth Attack put out their records. Not to take anything away from Raw Nerve, whom I do like a lot, but now that they’ve called it quits I don’t see why the spotlight shouldn’t primarily be on Raw Nerves from here on out. If a prolonged hardcore beat down is what you seek then your search is over.

 –Juan Espinosa (Man In Decline, manindeclinerecords.com/rawnerves)