RAW NERVES: Burnt Skin: 7”

Sep 23, 2011

It’s always great to see a band live, especially bands you love. But I also love being surprised by a band I have never heard of. This band fit the latter. Playing a Weekend Nachos/Low Threat Profile show, they snuck in the middle and really caught my attention. Thundering hardcore energy that kicked me right in my gut. Equally powerful playing fast or slow, the crowd at hand reacted with excitement. A good year later while pre-ordering another release from the label, I noticed that the band had a new release coming out. A big bonus was they had a deal to package it with their debut LP. More records? Sure, I can always use more records! Not to disappoint, the record was every bit as good as I remembered when I saw the band live. Three tracks of straight to the point hardcore that gives me thoughts of ‘90s East Coast punk, even though their home base is Portland, Oregon. References of Citizens Arrest meets Negative Approach pop into my head. Punk that slams a 2”x4” against the head and—at the same time—has originality that makes it memorable above the generic. I see out on the interwebs that another 7” is out there that I need to procure. Another reason to spend that dollar.

 –don (Inimical)

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