RAW NERVE: Tall Tales: 12"

Jul 14, 2011

This record collects all the band’s out of print singles and demos in a somehow more cult limited edition of two hundred copies. It was released as a part of Record Store Day at Reckless in Chicago. Listening to the band’s discography offers a little bit different perspective on what they’ve managed to accomplish over the past couple of years. The main thing that sets these guys apart from a lot of the “mysterious” bands they get lumped in with is that you can actually tell their songs apart from one another. They’ve actually done something very few hardcore bands have been able to achieve, which is put out several releases focused on a very narrow aesthetic that have their own nuances. Basically, what I am saying is that everything Raw Nerve does sounds like Raw Nerve. Even the first demo tape (which I had never heard before this collection) has a very mature, developed aesthetic to it that’s totally unnatural for a first recording. On a side note, I feel like I should mention that I’ve reviewed probably ninety percent of the records Youth Attack have put out over the past year and a half and never said anything about the label or the way the business is run because that’s all any other reviewers talk about, which I consider tacky for several reasons. However, I need to point out that the backlash from “sincere supporters” against the label reached its height in reference to this record, which is an unfair attitude. This record was released in small numbers but was meant as an incentive for people to support a local brick and mortar record store; something people lose sight of when they only purchase their records via eBay for three times what they cost elsewhere. I called the store and got this record for $14. It’s nobody’s fault but your own that you paid $100 for it on eBay.

 –Ian Wise (Youth Attack)