RAW DAMAGE: A SAN DIEGO PUNK READER #1: $? 8 ½” x 5 ½”, photocopied, 18 pgs.

Pretty savvy zine here. For instance, when they could have done a boring interview of a band (DEA) with a couple of skinheads in it, they instead did an interview titled “I’ve Got Some Questions for the Skinheads…” and interviewed the two skinheads about their lifestyle and questioned why they were drawn to it. The piece on sobriety, appropriately titled “Expanding the Discussion,” is certainly the best, if not only, decent argument for being sober and how alcoholism is harmful to underground communities like punk. To quote any one section of the piece here would be to isolate a part of a well-rounded piece, so I won’t do that, but I certainly recommend reading it. There’s a piece called “Small World: A Recollection of Growing up Punk in a Small Town” about coming up punk in Hawaii and how isolating it was. An interesting personal piece for sure, seriously, how many punks do you know from Hawaii? Then there’s a good poem, some record reviews, and interviews with the band Golos Truda and the label 10:39 Records. The Golas Truda interview was insightful because they were an anarchist band and the interviewer held them accountable by questioning them about radical politics in San Diego. A simple punk zine here, but one with a bit of a journalistic eye (ear?). I’m interested in seeing where this one goes. –Craven Rock (Matt K., 722 Torrey Pines Pl., Oceanside, CA 92057, [email protected])