RAVIN: Self-titled: LP

Experimental noise/rock from France, Ravin has a lot going on. Definitely a band that falls into those super-specific subgenres like no wave, screamo, or post-punk. The guitar melodies are dirty and gruff. They’re placed over synthy keyboards, with fairly simple drumming patterns, and robust bass. The vocals, when they are present, are indiscernible, and that’s not just because they’re in French. I only took one year of French in the sixth grade, but I’m pretty sure that some of lyrics are gibberish. They are faint, with a lot of other sound collages thrown over them, to make them seem off in the distance. Sometimes it comes off as cool and atmospheric background noise, but most times it’s just off-putting. There are moments on this record that get poppy, others that get power violence-y, some anarcho, and lots of weird as hell. Track list is lettered, not numbered. Most titles are French, with few exceptions like track B which is in Chinese. Certainly an eclectic experience. Ravin is sure to stand out in a record collection. 

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released, ravinravin.bandcamp.com)