RATTUS: Invades the USA: 7”

Nov 18, 2011

I’m not the biggest fan of live recordings, but this is one of those exceptions. People not in the know, Rattus is one of Finland’s famous original punk bands. They formed in 1978 but became world renown during the international punk explosion of the early ‘80s. These songs were recorded live on a radio show on WFMU in New Jersey back in 2004. If I remember correctly, this tour was only routed through the East Coast. It’s five songs of classic Finnish punk rock that is very distinctive in sound. It’s a good starting point if you don’t want to pay collector prices on some of their original releases. It’s also a nice addition to the collector who has it all. Co-release with Psycho Wolf, Motorchest, and Cutthroat.

 –don (Death Exclamations, deathexclamations.com/records.html)