Jul 27, 2012

Rattus: Long has it been since I’ve heard anything new by these legends, and I guess this is supposed to be a final salvo for ‘em. Bummed I missed ‘em last time they came through town. Three tunes here. They’re not quite as crazed or intense in execution as stuff from their classic ‘80s period, and they’re not quite as “poppy” as their more punk-oriented fare from earlier in that decade. Not the best stuff they’ve done, but it isn’t embarrassing, either. Holokaust: Riverside Discharge worship. They admittedly do it well, considering the logic to working so hard to sound like another band continues to escape me and seems about as lazy as putting in tons of work being a cover band. Could be a generation gap thing, but I’d much rather hear how that Discharge influence manifests itself in an original take on the punk/hardcore thang than to hear yet another Xerox, albeit well-executed Xerox, band plop facelessly into an already overstuffed abyss.

 –jimmy (Rotten To The Core)

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