RATOS DE PORAO: Sistemados Pelo Crucifa: CD

Nov 24, 2009

First heard of this infamous Brazilian band from my brother Katz in the early ‘80s. Since then I only picked up the split with Colera and recently the "Carneceria Tropical" CD. They have transformed through the years to a more metalish sound. I guess they got a weird hair up their ass and decided to re-record their first LP that they first recorded and released in 1983. I like second chances. I’m not sure how rare the first LP is, but my guess is that the collectors have made it unattainable. But with luck, they are reintroducing this again for those who didn’t have the chance. I would love to compare the two to see how different the musicianship has changed. This is a great record. It has screamed, sort of guttural vocals sung in Portuguese. The simplicity of the guitar chords push the rage. It has the non-polished feel of many bands of that period. I’ve been listening to it now for about three weeks and just love the old school aspect of the whole thing. I can still feel the magic of excitement hearing a band from a distant land playing the no-holds-barred music of punk. I was playing this in the car and my friend started playing air drums before asking who the band was. I may be jaded at times, but there are many moments that I feel that the past kicks ass many times on the present.

 –don (Alternative Tentacles)