RATOS DE PARAO: Onisciente Coletivo: CD

Jul 16, 2009

You jerk, jerk, jerk till your mind goes into a euphoria and the ultimate release is achieved. I’m not jerking off as you perverts might have perceived. Maybe in the shower all by my lonesome. It’s me listening to something good while my head shakes from the excitement of hearing something good. RDP has been playing longer than many and keep representing the greatness of Brazilian hardcore. This latest release is a prime example of why they are so good. The songs range from a straight-up thrash affair to metallic moments of head banging range. They are not afraid to mix up a bit by adding some female vocals here and there. The main vocals range from the almighty scream to the throaty affair, depending on what works best. The guitars are played at precision and lead the rest of the band in their jackhammer attack. The drums are in time, whether it’s an introductory drum roll to a blast beat thrash, bashing away while still in control. The bass is recorded right and always pulls things together. Not average or generic by any means. Sheer manic outbursts that shows why they are critical to the history of the international punk scene. Now I need something to wipe the sweat off my brow.

 –don (Alternative Tentacles)