RATIONS: Martyrs and Prisoners: 7” EP

Sep 19, 2013

Punk band. Punk music. Punk packaging. Punk patch. Punk spirit. This release finds Rations still flying their flag of “intercommunalism,” and in that spirit, all are welcome… at least thirty labels had their fingers in the pie releasing this EP. (I got mine from Fat Sandwich.) You know when you give your music away for free on the interweb but folks still shell out their hard-earned cash for the wax or when so many labels throw in to get your music released, you are doing something special in the punk world community. Musically, I see listeners dreaming of Florida beard punk playing in the icy weather of Minnesota or maybe even a more singalong, upbeat Unfun. Another top 10’er for this year.

 –Matt Seward (Fat Sandwich, fatsandwichrecords.com)