Mar 08, 2010

Rational Anthem is pop punk, but I liked it immediately. It’s always weird with me and my relationship to pop punk because I almost always hate it. When I do like it, I can never figure out what it is that makes it stand out from the rest of the genre. The lyrics are definitely raising the bar (songs about disillusion and moving on). But they are still pretty basic. Though whatever it is that I like about this, it’s making me play it a lot. I like the other side, too. It’s pop but it has a more Ramones style than what usually comes to mind when something is called pop punk. It has dual male/female vocals and the lyrics are pretty idiotic, broken-heart stuff except for the song “Pop Punk Boys Are Girls” which disses the named party for liking songs about love and compares them to girls. It would be petty, if not hypocritical and sexist, if not sung by a girl. In this context, it’s just kind of funny.

 –Craven (Traffic Street)