RATIONAL ANIMALS: Distorted Temptation: 7”

The lyrics are filled with desperate calls for humans to act as individuals and according to their own human nature; not just as mingling automatons stoked full of societal clichés. Their writing just holds up a mirror to the social roles we play day by day. “Distorted Temptation” has a resonating verse of what I feel like being working class: “Overwhelming feelings of dread. Breed grim notions inside your head. The excuse becomes your noose. Killing yourself to survive. Just to get by.” All the writing on this 7” is just so powerful and poetic that even the choruses are brimming with meaning. Take the chorus lyrics to “Games and Fun”: “Having all the games and fun. Hips that shake, a mouth that runs. Having all the games and fun. I’m you’re knife and you’re my gun.” This isn’t the style of hardcore punk I sit at home and listen to, but these guys really put out a potent EP here that is well worth sitting down and listening to. Musically, this 7” is interesting for how the two guitar tracks play various noises and sixteenth note riffs that seem to suck the air out the songs, mirroring the desperate, suffocating feeling of the lyrics. All the song structures are pounded down tight by the rhythm section that enables these guys to make their very own rally cries against insipid social games.

 –N.L. Dewart (Feral Kid)