RATIONAL ANIMALS: Cross Eyed Delights: EP

Mar 08, 2013

Caught these guys last summer in Long Beach and thought they were pretty good. I’m told their LP is the record to get, but they were out of that, so I picked up the singles. This was available as a tour edition, and I don’t know if that was pressed just to have something to sell and this version came later? But, really, the most important question is if this is any good. The title track is definitely along the lines of later Black Flag material, but with more of a loose rock style. It’s the guitar that makes this song stand out. Imagine a more melodic side to Greg Ginn in parts, and it’s what really carries this song through, especially towards the end. Almost like later Die Kreuzen. I think that’s a good thing; you might feel otherwise. The B side, “Way after Midnight” is a throwaway jam type song that just drags on to nowhere. Get this for the title track.

 –M.Avrg (Katorga Works, [email protected])