RATFACE: Dead Rats Blood: 7” single

Jan 15, 2013

Somewhat noisy hardcore that mixes of influences of early U.S. bands with stuff like Discharge and Sweden. The bass is heavy and has a way of pushing the songs forward. The guitar is a hazy wall of sound and the vocals sound desperate. Both songs end pretty quickly. “Chaos Never Die” on the second side is the strongest of the two (“Bleak Futures” is on the first side). From the way the guitar opens up with the cranking riff and the drums come thundering in, you know they’re not going to fuck around. It all builds up into one ball of sound, then it’s over. Two songs? How about four or five on the next record, at the very least?

 –M.Avrg (Sit & Spin, [email protected] / sitandspinrecords.blogspot.com)

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