RATCHETS, THE: Glory Bound: CD

Mar 14, 2007

This is fully Clashilicious… And I really don’t mean that in a bad way. There is no problem with a band wearing their influences on their sleeves as long as they can bring the good, which The Ratchets surely do. I guess the short form description would be heartfelt punky rock, with some reggae overtones. Let’s just say that if you dig The Clash or Stiff Little Fingers, chances are that you’re going to be bobbing your head to The Ratchets. My only real complaint here is the aforementioned reggae overtones. I’m just not into it and the songs that lean really heavily into that territory are the ones that get skipped. Other than that minor slip, this has already seen a lot of plays here at home, and in the print shop.

 –ty (Pirate’s Press)