RATBITE / RATBITE: Two Teeth / Ratbite It, You Scum: CD

May 30, 2014

So this one’s got a really interesting story behind it: there are two bands on opposite sides of the world with the same name playing similar styles. They found each other and decided to release their music together. One hails form the U.S. The other hails from the Ukraine. Why the hell not, right? This is a pretty good split. Both sides feel like ‘90s punk with a healthy mix of thrash. Think NOFX with a pinch of Municipal Waste sprinkled in. The American Ratbite is a little less traditional with songs being a little more complex than the Ratbite from Ukraine. I liked the vocals better on the Ukraine side; they were screamed more than U.S. Ratbite, giving it some more power. Both Ratbites are great, each putting their own spin on punk and creating a mass of bleeding, festering ratbites for your ears. 

 –James Meier (Suburban, suburbanwhitetrashrecords.com)