RAT HOLE SHEIKH, THE: Jag Mår Så Illa: 7”

Mar 16, 2003

Recorded by a lone gunman in his kitchen, “Down in Hell” sounds like something Mojo Nixon would’ve done had he have grown up in whatever weird Scandinavian country puts the little circle above the letter “a” (either that or Gilbert O’Sullivan whacked out of his gourd at 4 AM on crack and box wine); by contrast, “My Voodoo Dolly” sounds like the missing link between the Rude Kids and the acoustic songs on the first Led Zeppelin album that we’ve all been deathlessly waiting for (or, if you will, it sounds like THE Missing Link singing acoustic songs on the first Led Zeppelin album), and “Who’s Fooling Who” sounds like a demo version of a song that could’ve been a great b-side or a solid album track for virtually any Northern Hemisphere Rock Band, any genre, from the period 1967-74 inclusive (obviously, the title track needs no explanation). I feel SOMETHING, but am unsure as to whether or not it is, in fact, love. BEST SONG: “Down in Hell” BEST SONG TITLE: Duh, it’s obviously “Jag Mår Så Illa” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Advertising materials contained herein indicate that this product is one of three “new releases” on the label, and the only one i didn’t get to review was the one with the Iron Sheik on the cover, which figures in a Murphy’s Law sort of way, but doesn’t figure at all in that the Sheik-emblazoned release is not this release.

 –norb (Subway Star)