RAT BLOOD SOUP: Nothing to See: CD-R

Nov 10, 2008

This is the type of crap that liberal arts college students dig during their junior years, usually because one of their “suitemates” is in the band, which is unfortunate since it’s terrible. Songs crafted in the name of being clever and ironic, managing neither, and winding up sounding like a watered down version of Boston. Foul to the ear, loathsome to the brain, and insulting to the intellect. The chorus of “Wait” goes: “And it feels like a waste of time/’Cause it’s just a waste of time.” Indeed. Reading the liner notes will make you wanna kick the band members in their collective nuts. If anyone wants my copy, check I-80 East about a hundred and fifty yards before the Baxter exit. I believe that’s right about the spot where I flung this piece of dog shit out the car window.

 –benke (Rat Blood Soup)