RAPTURE, THE: Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks: CD

Sep 10, 2009

For their first record on Sub Pop, The Rapture craft a collection of engaging post-punk dance songs that are naked and lean. Out of the Races... has plenty of the muscling lo-fi bass and drum groove that has turned heads and won acclaim for these three boys. They make me think of early Gang of Four, Television, and PIL, but with a lot less polish and tuning of their guitars. The recording is primitively harsh and hard-panned, but it is a document that is hard to ignore. The Rapture seem to revel in their badly grounded guitars and clanging drums in a way that makes for a very liberating listen. Their abrasively bright guitars cascade over a backdrop of minimal bass and hustling drums and are worth the price of admission. What is the biggest compromise of this record is its weakly sung vocal content. Like the rest of the recording, it is flat and unrehearsed, but hints at an improvement in execution that will undoubtedly come with the next recording.

 –guest (Sub Pop)

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