RAPTURE, THE: Out of the Races and onto the Tracks: CDEP

May 27, 2009

The Rapture went from The Cure to Gang of Four. It's a quick twenty minutes chock full of death disco and noisy pop songs. The shrill vocals have stuck. They lost a member, gained a member, and continue on as a three piece (minus keyboards) with a raw guitar, throbbing uber-manly bass lines, and clean, mesmerizing drums. The title track will have crazy kids dancing crazy dances all over. On to track two. In "Modern Romance," the bass line pulls you in, suddenly breaks, and sloppy guitars all lead to an at-times dragging, yet still surprising tune. "Caravan" and "The Jam" are the most painful. They leave me staring off at the walls and waiting for something exciting. I love some good noise, but these two are the songs I'd groan and moan about if they played them live. Boohoo. "The Pop Song" shows the '60s psych influence - and if the vocals don't cut glass, diamonds might not do the trick. Despite my lack of attention or interest in "Caravan" and "The Jam" the final track, "Confrontation" is a favorite. Four minutes of one killer fucking bass line and a lot of moaning and groaning. Reminds me a bit of the last track on the Liars full length, This Dust Makes That Mud. If you're not nodding your head up and down in submissiveness by the end of this song, then you must be deaf. –Sarah Stierch

 –guest (Sub Pop)

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