RAPEGOAT: Self-titled: CD

From its inception, punk has had a strain of bands running through it that have pissed off as many people as possible for the sheer hell of it as their primary raison d’être—Sniveling Shits, Nip Drivers, Fearless Iranians From Hell, The Bix Bigler Band, Mentors, you get the picture. Judging solely by the group’s name and song titles like “Brown Star,” and “Cunthair Mustache II,” one can easily drop ‘em into that pile as another band trying to push the “shock” envelope, and you’d be right. Thing is, like many of the aforementioned bands, the songs are pretty danged catchy—punk/hardcore delivered with a bit more precision than one would expect from a “joke” band and capped with a singer with a warble that comes off like a (slightly) less annoying version of the Crucifucks’ Doc Dart. I’m impressed, I gotta say. Worth it alone just for the chance to “accidentally” leave a copy laying around at mom’s house and watch the fun unfold when she picks it up and gets a gander at the cover.

 –jimmy (Mystery School)