RAPE REVENGE : Paper Cage: 7”

Paper Cage is a trip into the angry world of Rape Revenge. Whether railing against apathy, sexual violence, homophobia, or the hypocrisies of the punk and leftist movements, they drag hardcore from its font-obsessed ghetto and make it crucially relevant again. The lead singer, blind with rage, shrieks over some intricate, tight power violence with time changes reminiscent of Converge. The songs are only a few lines long, but in the liner notes, they give long written explanations to what they’re so pissed about. Just for the record, I feel compelled to mention Rape Revenge is a straight edge, vegan, queer, feminist band from Calgary. That’s awesome, but do they rock? Absolutely, they are full of vigor and integrity and are talented enough to keep things interesting and fresh. Fuck yeah!  –Craven (To Live A Lie)