RANK/XEROX: Self-titled: LP

Nov 17, 2011

Excellent post punk from this outfit, who are definitely one of the current bands I’m stoked about. The songs have a minimal quality about them, allowing everything to have its own strong identity. They sometimes blur together when the music builds with tempos and jangly, clanging guitars. I like that the drums figure up front in the mix with the bass just below. Things move at a mainly mid-tempo pace, though they do kick up the speed on songs like “Discipline.” One song that stands out in particular is “You Might Follow.” It starts off with some odd sounds from a synthesizer; from there musically it goes into Pornography-era Cure. A bit more texture and darkness than the rest of the songs on an already dark and textured album. As I listen to this album, I’m struck by how truly great it is, and the fact this band is happening now. For fans of Airfix Kits, Section 25, and the sort. Actually, for fans of good music.

 –M.Avrg (Make A Mess, makeamessrecords.com)