RANDY THUNDERBIRD: How to Talk to Kids about Robots: CD

How to Talk to Kids about Robots is ten songs (in twenty minutes) of melodic punk from this Kalamazoo, Michigan band. However, this album does not offer any advice on how to talk to kids about robots. And, frankly, it’s a legitimate conversation that we all should have with our children. When robots grab you with those metal claws you can’t break free. Because they’re made of metal and robots are strong. They also like to eat old peoples’ medicine. And they’re a leading cause of death in people over the age of fifty. (However, I hear Old Glory Insurance offers coverage in the case of robot attacks, so there is hope.) Nevertheless, Randy Thunderbird (although it’s kind of a dumb name for a band) still puts out some good music. It’s somewhat in the vein of Hot Water Music but with some pop influences. Maybe it’s the sunny, warm weather I’m experiencing today, but this is an enjoyable, energetic album that isn’t incredibly original but still a lot of fun.  –kurt (myspace.com/randythunderbird)