RANDY: The Human Atom Bombs: CD

Sep 10, 2009

Donofthedead is right. There’s something about bands from Scandanavia and Japan. They seem to play their instruments a little better and play the songs a little tighter and wait until they’re ready to go into the studio to record. That’s the case with this album by the Swedish band, Randy. More than most releases, The Human Atom Bombs is a whole album. All the songs fit together well and sound different and seem to work together as a unit. There’s a lot of diversity, but all of the songs are heavily influenced by fifties rock’n’roll – Little Richard and Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly. Below the really tight rock’n’roll, though, are very intelligent lyrics sang in clear English. It’s hard not to sing along, and I don’t even try to resist. Randy sings a lot about anarchy (an intelligent government system anarchy, not chaos at a punk show anarchy) and the downfall of the global economy, but they make it really fun. There’s an anger hidden underneath, but it is hidden. It’s not preachy and it’s not shoved down your throat. Instead, it creeps into your blood like (to use Randy’s term) the punk rock flu. I highly recommend this album.

 –sean (Burning Heart)